Device "in use" by wrong dashboard page

I have a virtual switch that shows "in use" by my Battery Levels dashboard page. There's no tile for this switch on that dashboard.

There is a tile for this switch on a different dashboard page, but the device doesn't show in use by that page.

On both dashboard pages, I have "Use all your devices" options set to ON.

I'd be happy to share more via PM if needed.

I think that just means it is authorized for use in the dashboards. Not necessarily that you have it on a dashboard.

Why does it list a specific dashboard page then?

On that dashboard did you ever select it? Try toggling the use all devices and see if it's selected.

Ahhhhh...looks like that was it. I toggled all devices off, then deselected everything, then toggled all devices back on and now it's not showing in the device's In Use section. Thanks.

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