Device firmware updates

Does Hubitat have any kind of support for devices that can receive OTA firmware updates?

Also, is there any way to modify some of the device parameters that are not in the device preferences drop downs? Things like wake up interval, etc. It seems these settings require some kind of direct access to the device.


No, though staff have stated they are likely to add OTA at some point--but this is still no guarantee of anything, as manufacturers would still have to provide firmware.

As for your parameters question, what kind of device is it? Most Zigbee devices don't have much you can change via configuration. Most Z-Wave devices have their configuration parameters exposed in a friendly way in the UI, but you can also use the Basic Z-Wave Tool to set any paramter to any value regardless of whether the driver exposes it (e.g., if you're using a generic driver because it works for your device but you want to change something not exposed in that driver).

Actually the opposite is true regarding reporting configurations, everything can be changed and it works exactly the same for every attribute and every manufacturer...

I guess I was thinking from the user perspective in terms of device functions. They might respond (Xiaomi aside...) to a checkin interval, but how many Zigbee motion sensors have a configurable inactivity timeout, for example? All of my Z-Wave sensors have a configuration parameter for that, but I don't have any Zigbee ones where I'm aware that's possible.

Hue indoor and outdoor motions have this, but yeah they are the only ones I'm aware of.

Thus having made yet another shameless plug for Zigbee, there are ways to make inactivity times whatever you want, namely zone motion manager...

(and with the stunning speed of most Z-Wave motion sensors, adding ZMM in there isn't going to slow anything down LOL)


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