Device Firmware Updater vs Aeotec TriSensor EU

So I created a firmware file of the *.exe I downloaded from Aeotec's website.
Wanted to upgrade from v2.15 to 2.21.
Had been quite a hassle to keep the device awake to start the process, but now it's running for about 45 minutes and is still at only 4% transfer status, which makes me worry alittle about battery life, used a fresh one.
Also I found some debug messages in the beginning of the upgrade that counted up to 95 until debug mode got disabled:

This is what the Device Firmware Updater App said:

Edit: had a look at the past logs, the same message appeared for my D/W Sensor when the update worked fine, so maybe this is neglectable.

Now I wonder if

  1. if this slow progess would be normal behavior, update many different device successfully before, but it never took that long.
  2. the device will get bricked if the battery drains.
  3. it will be save to abort the progress.

Thanks in advance for any feedback or recommendation what would be best to do.

Did you pair it with S2? Seeing quite a few comments that say pairing with security causes firmware updates to run extremely long.


Forgot to mention that, yes it has been paired with S2 security.
Never seen this behavior before , just updated an Aeotec D/W Sensor 7 this morning and an Extender a few weeks ago, both included using S2, none of them took more than 20 or 30 minutes.
I'm at 10% now after 2 hours, hope the battey will last for another 18 hours.

If you haven't already you might move it right next to the hub. Can't tell from the message if it is still uploading the firmware update (my guess) or actually applying it, but if it's still uploading it may be safe to abort. Tagging the Z-Wave Wizard (@bcopeland) to see if he has an answer.

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It is about 20cm away from the hub, maybe too close?
Never seen a different status than "transferring" or "transfer complete" with my firmer upgrades, so maybe really hard to tell what it's doing, actually.
Looking at the Z-Wave logs I can tell the sensor is talking a lot to the hub, transmission time and RSSI are fine.
Connection speed is only at 40kbs, maybe this could be the reason?
But hard to understand how processing a file with the size of 309KB can take that long.

Shouldn't, but guessing encrypting at the send and decrypting on receive isn't helping.

Aborting is always safe


But what will happen if the battery drains? Will the device get bricked or will it be able to continue the process after being replaced?

Just aborted the update.
The device had been flashing in cyan colour still after that, seems that only shutting down the hub made it notice that the party's over.
The battery is now at 95%, so maybe it would have lasted for many hours more, but who knows.
Anyway, the sensor is still alive and again doing his job lighting up my kitchen.
For my peace of mind I ordered an adjustable powersupply and give it another try the next days.
Thanks @ all for your support.

That’s a good question, that I have no answer for.. Depends on the safeguards the manufacturer put in place.. I would hope that they wouldn’t flash if the battery was below x percent..


Can you send me that hex for 2.21?

What you need is on the Aeotec support website:

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