Device falsely linked (in use by) to Rule

I have a device used for notifications that says it is in use by a rule BUT the rule has no notification action. How do I clear this false link?



The phone device isn't used as a trigger or required expression?


If you open "Manage Conditions" and select the "delete" dropdown, do you have any blank lines? Kind of a shot in the dark that the hub still thinks the device is linked if it ever was.

You can also go the settings for the RM instance (cog in the upper-right) and see if the device is listed anywhere in there. If not, post a screenshot.

No blank lines in the Manage Conditions. However, the device does appear in the Settings of the RM instance as Note.2.

I think I rewrote this rule many times, trying different approaches to accomplish what I wanted. The device probably was used in a previous rewrite. How do I get rid of it now?


Can you create an action or a condition with the device then delete it and see if that clears the link? If not, the rule isn't that complicated to recreate. You could also implement a slightly different approach like this (assuming the trigger is current the Front door lock *changed)

Front door lock unlocked

Actions to Run
On: Smart Lamps
Wait for event: Front door lock locked --> timeout: 2:15:00
Off Smart Lamps, ..., ...

Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah, I just recreated the rule.

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