Device discovery UI bug

When adding new devices (I was doing Z-Wave pairing), it seems only the first 2 words are saved. So if I label the device upon discovery as "First Second Third", the device label only shows "First Second " (notice the last space is included) in the device list. This is with latest firmware version

Weird... I added 5 zwave devices yesterday, All names were 3+ words and saved just fine.

Not sure. I'm doing it right now, and it's truncating to 2 words. Also, I am doing this via FF on Android device.

Ok. I was doing it via chrome on a Chromebook.

Interestingly, I had it happen to me today.

I added a new Xiaomi temp/humidity sensor, named it "Parlor Temp and Humidity", and it saved it as "Parlor Temp and".


It's pretty consistent for me using FF. Haven't tried any other browsers, but I'm guessing this is a firmware bug. This issue exists when pairing Zigbee devices as well.

I paired 2 more after the one that messed up, both of those saved all 5 words correctly. So I have no clue what's going on.

In using chrome on Android 8 there is bad blood between auto fill and the hub ui, and it only happens when updating the device name, post Discovery, before hitting save. It won't allow me to name anything starting with the letter A or to have a space at the beginning of the device name

There will be a change in the next release that will address the label issues on Android.

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