Device discovery problem

I just got a new hub, my second one, so I know the system well.

I just included 4 dimmers for this hub, plus a keyfob and a siren. I gave each one a distinct name when it was discovered. What do I end up with? A list of devices, all of which have the same name, that of the first device discovered.

What's going on?
Also, on my main hub, I have a choice of different versions of rule machine. On this one, no version number is indicated. No software update seems to be available. Is this because the rule machine is the most recent version and it doesn't need a version number to distinguish it from other versions still in use?

What's platform version? v2.1.4???

Rule Machine installs from one click with no versions. It isn't until you go to create a Rule that the choice between v3 and v4 appears. (That's going away in 2.1.5 they say.)

I just installed RM on my development hub:

When I open it, I get the choices:


I finally went to settings and triggered an update manually. It was shipped with an old version and just the original rule machine showed. It's funny because with my original hub, I'd get a notification of a new version being available...

Anyway, renamed all devices. No big deal, just interesting to know for developers that this can happen I guess.

Now I'm scratching my head with the dashboard that fails to update. Just shows a big hourglass when I click a button, but does nothing. I thought I'd install this new hub at my parents' this afternoon, but I'll probably have to postpone... sigh.

You could try a soft reset/restore path to see if cleans out any old debris :slight_smile:

Save a backup off the Hub to your PC. Then on the backup page pick"

"If you want to restore a previous Platform Version click here."

Which will take you to a Menu of options (same as browsing to :8081 ) and pick Soft Reset, follow the prompts.

This mostly involves deleting the internal DB, but don't fear....

When it completes the reboot, at the very bottom will be a "restore from" option.. easy to miss.

Use that to restore the backup you just saved. All your devices, etc. will be back.

The 2nd choice I'd pursue if this happened to me.. I'd do the same soft reset and just not do any restore. I'd lose the Joined devices but that might be quicker in the end.

Maybe it's because I do this a lot with my development hub that I think of it as a "cure" before so many other options... no fear of this process any more. :smiley: Kind of a big hammer to be using but the problem sure looks like a 'nail' to me :smiley:

It's a brand new hub. No need to fear losing anything!

Did an update from settings finally.
Concerning the Leviton dimmers that simply don't work with the dashboard, I remembered that I had installed a user driver for them in my other hub. Just copied the code and voilà.

Now the rule machine 4 is acting up. Really not working. I think I'll need to stay with 3.
Problem is with triggers defined as 'button held' on a device defined as a button. I select the button number, and the function (among held, pressed, released etc) and once completed, no condition appears in the list of triggers. I start again, and when I'm done, the list of conditions grows by one empty line, separated from the previous line with an OR. The existence of a condition is recorded, but no condition is visible. And if we edit, there are no choices of conditions to delete. The list just keeps growing. The solution is to insert a condition based on daytime. That one is recorded properly. Then add a button condition. It now gets added. Finally delete the daytime condition. Then it works.

hmm... my solution for the button trigger is not fool proof. I need another rule and here's what I get after inserting a daytime condition followed by two attempts at adding a button condition for the trigger:

I can't delete the additional blank conditions (button conditions that are there but as ghosts)

I continued adding more conditions, and all button conditions are ghost conditions...

v4 is different, with it's IF-THEN-ELSE-IF-ELSE-END-IF mechanism. However it is able to deal with a lot more interactive Rules. I don't remember who wrote it here, but they were saying that with ST they wouldn't dare try complex interactive Rules because the cloud's performance would ruin the experience. (Highly paraphrased!!) But now he's constantly finding new ways to tune automations to be truer to how it should work.

Buttons as triggers. OK, I'll try that...


yeah... I see that it's working for you. But you saw my list of empty conditions all separated with OR's. I'm not dreaming.

I notice that if I select 'button' as the type of device used, I have this problem. But if I select 'button device', the condition is properly recorded. Strange.