Device button flashes green then stops with nothing having turned on or off

I had a C-3 with about 60 devices, a mix of older Z wave and newer 700 devices. It stopped working a few days ago and nothing that I did got it going again so I bought a C-7. I registered with a new account and started adding the devices that had been part of the old network. It went fine at first but then stopped working. Now when I click on a button, I get green flashing and when that finally stops nothing has turned on or off. I have no idea why it suddenly stopped working but it's very frustrating. Would appreciate some advice. Thanks.

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What exactly stopped working? The ability to add devices? The whole hub? Certain devices?

Where are you seeing the flashing? It sounds like a dashboard, but I when I read it again it sounds like it might be a physical device button flashing?

Again, could you please clarify the "IT" here? What quits working?

I suspect that if these are Z-wave, you may have ghosts or incomplete inclusions. Maybe start by posting a screenshot of your Z-wave details page. If you join the owner group, you will have permission to post screenshots. Hub owners - Hubitat


Um, the only button Hubitat has is the network reset button in which you need a paperclip or toothpick to push. Can you clarify what button you are pushing?


If you are referring to the hub's LED, it has no flashing capability. If the LED flashes, it likely means the power supply has a short. I would try replacing the power supply to see if that helps, if not, be sure to open a warranty case at