Device Being Dropped

Each time I add a fifth device to my hub another device drops off. Why would this be?

Please provide more detail.

Which hub do you have? Which firmware version is is running?

Which devices have you added to the hub? Make and model might be helpful.

Most of us have dozens of devices functioning, so your situation is pretty unusual.

Thanks for the reply. I have the Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Hub. Part number HC5.

Trying to hook up Leviton light switches. DZ6HD Z-wave Dimmer.

It seems to be capping me out at 5 devices. Do I need cloud service? I was considering. However, I tend to doubt that would make a difference.

Thanks again.

Sounds like you may have a ghost device. What does your Zwave details look like?

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Actually wanted this one:

Edit: may want to remove your Hub ID and MAC from above…


The DZ6HD dimmers should be compatible with Hubitat.

You should be able to connect quite a few of these devices to the hub as long as signal paths are good.

Mains powered devices normally act as signal repeaters. I could not find anything specifically in the dimmer specification to confirm this, but I would be surprised if they were not repeaters.

The Z-waves settings page will give details on your connectivity. That is why thebearmay was asking for that information.

As he stated, for security reasons, never share the IP address, MAC address, etc. of your hub as it could leave you open to hacking.


Well... the private LAN IP address of everyone's hub really is nothing to worry about sharing. Almost everyone uses 192.168.1.x for their home networks. There is no way to access these devices from outside one's own network, unless the user has poked holes in their router/firewall to allow external access (Note: do not do this!) Even then, one would need to know the WAN IP address that has been assigned to your router to even begin. The Private LAN IP Address ranges are non-routable on the Internet, thus the reason everyone can use the,, and addresses for their own LAN purposes. Internet routers will not pass these addresses on to other parts of the public internet network. Thus, this is the reason home routers use NAT (Network Address Translation) to send your Internet network requests using the ISP assigned WAN IP address of your router, not the private LAN IP address.

The Hubitat Hub ID and the hub's MAC ID are things that should not be shared, though. Those are unique to each device and there is no reason to ever share those with anyone other than Hubitat Support.