Device Advice: Battery Powered Switch with LED Indicator

I've done some browsing but figured I'd reach out in case any of the resident device experts know of something that checks these boxes:

  • Fits in a normal switch wall plate (ideal, but optional)
  • Battery Powered
  • Customizable Indicator LED (basically, an LED that is on when switch is either on or off position)

Application: I currently have a virtual switch that defeats an AutoLock feature - works great via Alexa. However, I would like a physical switch that has some sort of indicator light so I know when the AutoLock feature is disabled.

This might foot the bill, but I don't know how the LED reacts to switch status - also, the dimmer function is not necessary.

I have an alternative for you.

  1. Change an existing switch to an Inovelli which has the LED strip. You can customize the LED strip by colour, by pattern, etc.

Alternatives are good - thanks for the suggestion!

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