Development Newbie


I'm looking into buying a Hubitat for a small home automation project. I'm fairly familiar with Groovy so coding shouldn't be an issue, but its not clear on how debugging works with Hubitat. From the videos that I've seen it looks like you have to paste the code into the actual web gui each time you want to update the code. Is there anyway to SSH into the actual hub and run/debug the code on the actual server itself?


That's exactly how you do it. There is no ssh/telnet access available.


Or edit directly within the built in editor. You paste into the editor, therefore you can just as easily edit there too.

I do both. Typo's I edit, bigger changes I paste entirely.


This is how all Hubitat staff develop all of our apps and drivers, no one seems to beleive this, but that is the fact of the matter.


So there is no way put breakpoints and step through the apps - debug logs just like ST?


Correct, there is no way.

Correct. Add log.debug "" throughout your code to provide guidance.