Determine last HSM Disarm

I arm and disarm HSM from:

  1. An Alexa voice command that turns on a switch
  2. From a Centralitex (Iris v2) keypad using a Code with Nycelharpa
  3. With our phones as presence devices via the geofence

I have a security dashboard. On that security dashboard I have some event status tracking:
I want to be able to add something that says how HSM was last disarmed. Examples might be:

  1. Last Disarm by Bill via keypad
  2. Last Disarm by Scott's (Android phone) returning
  3. Last Disarm by Lock code (via Lock Manager using Alexa)

I especially want to capture the Nycelharpa username when a disarm is performed via the keypad.

Can anyone give me any advice how to access these three examples of a disarm so I can make them part of my dashboard?