Determine if today is a work day

I would like to create a RM that determines if today is a work day and then take action. My wife has a 2 week rotating schedule as follows:
week 1 work days - Tue, Wed, Sat
week 2 work days - Sun, Mon, Thur, Fri
Is there any way to determine if the current day is a work day or not?

There's a Google Calendar integration that I used to do this. If you use Google Calendar and want to do the same I can dig up a link to the app.

More info on how to integrate Google Calendar would be helpful.

Quick search found this thread that might have some info and a link to a Calendar Integration

this is the one I'm using by @cometfish

I haven't used it since COVID and our baby but it worked great prior. My use case was to track days I went to work so that I could have automations making sure we were up on time and to kick off morning routines.

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