Determine how switch was turned off

I am hoping someone can help point me in the right direction for a rule.

I would like to put a condition on an action for a trigger that is fired when a switch is turned off by someone physically pushing the button on the switch rather than being triggered by some other trigger such as a motion timeout. Is there way to determine that?

Perhaps there is a better way to solve my use case. I have a GE motion switch (GREAT switch BTW). It's on the basement lights and most of the time it does what I want....if there is motion, then turn on the lights... and then shut them off 20 min after no motion.

HOWEVER, sometimes we want to watch a movie or I have guests sleeping down there and want to turn the lights off and not have them turn right back on as we walk away from the switch. I think a nice feature for me would be that, if I turned off the light manually, then I could change the occupancy mode to be manual for let's say 12 hours (or someone manually turns them back on). I can put the trigger on the switch off, but then it seems the rule would kick in when the lights are simply turned off by motion. I only want it to happen when someone physically turns them off.

Thanks in advance

Seeing that the switch was turned on/off physically, is easy, trigger off of physical switch. Setting the Ge motion to ignore motion(occupancy) I do not see supported, even by custom actions.

The other choice is to turn occupancy off all the time and use the motion sensor to turn on the switch through the hub, it will be slower, but then you can do what you want.

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I have a custom handler I wrote that changes the Occupancy mode, Actually, someone already wrote it for the dimmer, i just ported it to the switch.

How do I trigger off just the physical switch. Won't the same "off" event be called if the switches built in motion sensor turns it off?

i appreciate it..

This handler has the code for the changing of occupancy mode. I exposed it as a command, works great from a minimote, but I would love to just be able to trigger it from the switch itself.

If your driver supports it