Detect Zwave device offline

Hi HE team and @bravenel, I had an event this week where one of my blinds went wonky and stopped responding to ZW commands (I had to pull the battery and then it came back). It so happens that the blind is in a repeat loop in RM5 to make sure it gets to position properly and it completely killed HE control of ZW devices. What I found was that every time a command was issued to that particular blind the HE would have the symptom of a timeout waiting for the blind to respond and all other ZW commands were drastically delayed until this timeout finished. Is there a way or an event that I can monitor to indicate that a ZW device is offline to be able to trap this condition and act upon it? Thanks.

Device watchdog from HPM may do what you want.

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I think you could build a failsafe into your rule that checks the the last Activity date on the device and kicks it out of the loop (and alerts you) if it is in a failure mode. There are a few apps that use this timestamp to check for offline devices as well.

Also, this app works good to notify you if a device is not responding. You could even have it check every hour if you wanted.

Thanks! I'll give it a look see.

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