Detect if my phone join the wifi network

I would like to know if it exist a way to detect if a device like my phone have joined the network? I would like to use it as trigger, like if my phone autoconnect to wifi then do something... Since the hub is on the network, could it detect those things? Or is there a driver to do this? Maybe life 360 got something about the wifi but not sure and is it reliable or must wait the refresh from the app that takes few minutes...

We've been using Joel Wetzel's iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor (which works with any device, not just iPhones) for a couple of years now with no issues.


Does the phone sleep thing affect it, or do you have to turn it off or something?

Yes, it does. So does the randomized MAC address. I actually use a combination of several network-based presence sensors . I never get a false positive (a phone there that really isnt) but I do sometimes get false negatives (the phone doesn't show up but it is there).

I use the Unifi presence sensor (which relies on MAC), Hubitat Packet Ping (HPP), Joel's wifi presence sensor, and Hubitat Ping. I basically ping the crap out of my phone and if it gets no replies for 10 minutes I assume it's really gone.

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May I recommend:



Exactly. I never use "loss of wi-fi" as an absolute "phone ain't here"; I do use "just entered wi-fi" as an absolute "phone is here".


I just installed it and have it send notifications to see how it works.
I'm reluctant to have GPS always turned on.
The SmartThings arrival sensors work well for our cars.
This could be a backup, or something.
Thanks for creating this.

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