Detailed event descriptions from Kwikset Obsidian lock

Is there a way to act on the detailed event descriptions from the Kwikset Obsidian lock? I'm thinking of building rules that depend on not just if a lock was unlocked or locked but how it was unlocked or locked.

From looking at the events stream of the Kwikset Obsidian, it differentiates between:

  • If the lock was locked/unlocked manually from the inside
  • If it was locked/unlocked by a code (and which code)
  • If it was locked/unlocked by remote command (e.g. from the hub itself)

I'd like to build rules that depend on this detail. E.g. switch on lights at night if the lock is unlocked by a code but not if it was unlocked manually from the inside or via a command from the hub. Or a rule that sends an alert if a certain code was used.

Yes, this is possible, however considering the descriptionText event attribute values aren't defined or standardized, you would have to write an app to specifically parse this value.
Currently the Generic Z-Wave lock driver is capable of reporting digitial (from hub) and physical (from lock) events as well as the code used to unlock the lock.
I've not seen a lock that's capable of reporting a distinction between inside and outside lock events, but maybe this one does that, don't know.