Designing my system

I currently have smart things and use two hubs one for the house and one for a detached work shop over 100 feet away from the house. All my devices are Z wave. What is the best way to migrate and set up with hubitat. Do I need two hubs?

Is your house and shop connected with wired ethernet for network? If so, yes I would recommend buying two Hubitat hubs, one for each. You can use Hub mesh to connect the two and share devices between them if needed.

As for migrating your devices, hundreds of posts from others that have migrated from ST to HE with Z-Wave devices, do some searching around.

The one smarthings hub in the garage is hooked to a google nest router with cat 6 cable. This router is on same network as my house smarthings hub. If this will work I’m taking the hubitat plunge. I already have one hubitat hub from 2 years ago. I’m assuming if I put that one in my garage I can order a new version for my house.

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which hub do you already have? if it's the C-5, then specs wise it is similar to the C-7 (minus the z-wave chipset), and is capable of hub mesh. for the older models, i'm not sure as i don't own an older one, but not sure if they're fully capable of hub mesh. at the very least, their specs are not the same

My C4 works perfect with Hub mesh. Also Hub Connect works great, but is a bit more copy/paste than the built in Hub Mesh.
I am currently using HubConnect with my ST hub/ 3 HE hubs and it works great


@perdue04 Not only will this work.. But it will work seamlessly with hub mesh for control of all devices on both hubs from 1 hub.

It’s a C4.

I did have a slight hiccup with hub mesh in regards to simple automations. i wound up creating the SA on both of my hubs as it wasn't triggering on the second hub. now it works as intended

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