[DEPRECIATED] Welcome Home


Thank you, long slow process but getting better every day.

I just ran a test scenario,

  1. I opened my front door
  2. Waited 5 minutes and then made a virtual presence sensor come home.
  3. Nothing triggered because the door was already open.
  4. Waited a few minutes past the 'considered' time
  5. Opened a second contact and no announcement needed because I've been here too long.
  6. I then went over and closed the front door. No announcement needed, been here too long.

The key to any announcement is the 'last activity time' found within any device page.

I recommend the next time you get an out of place message, go check the 'last activity date' of the presence sensor associated with that announcement (right away :grin:). Would be interesting to see if it is within your 'considered time', even though you haven't left or come home recently.

Here is the log from my test:
app:53552019-06-03 11:50:42.482 am debugIn contactSensorHandler - Contact: Living Room Front Door Sensor - Status: closed

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:10.081 am infoBryan - Front Door - Sensor 1 - No announcement needed. Time Diff = 5

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:10.047 am debugSensor 1 - timeDiff: 5

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:10.027 am debugSensor 1 getTimeDiff4 - lastActivity: 2019-06-03 11:45:17.293

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:09.917 am debugSensor 1 getTimeDiff4 - Global Been Here: no

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:09.909 am debugSensor 1 getTimeDiff4 - Presence Sensor Status - 4: present

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:09.896 am debugIn getTimeDiff4 - Sensor 1

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:09.884 am infoBryan - Front Door - Bryan - No announcement needed. Time Diff = 132

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:09.812 am debugBryan - timeDiff: 132

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:09.802 am debugBryan - lastActivity: 2019-06-03 09:38:19.57

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:09.772 am debugBryan - Global Been Here: no

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:09.769 am debugBryan - Presence Sensor Status - 1: present

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:09.736 am debugIn getTimeDiff1 - Bryan

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:09.697 am debugIn contactSensorHandler...

app:53552019-06-03 11:50:09.662 am debugIn contactSensorHandler - Contact: Test Virtual Contact Sensor 1 - Status: open

app:53552019-06-03 11:45:17.380 am debugSensor 1 - Presence Sensor is present - Let's go!

app:53552019-06-03 11:45:17.375 am debugInpresenceSensorHandler4 - Sensor 1 - Presence Sensor: present

app:53552019-06-03 11:45:09.238 am debugGlobal Been Here - Bryan: no - Amy: no - Emma: no - Sensor 1: no - Sensor 2: no


Do you think this issue is occurring because of the two child apps sharing the Welcome Home device handler?

Remember I have two doors with two speakers meaning two child apps to control each speaker.


That's the whole point of having the device, so it can keep track of presence devices across child apps. I too have two child apps, 3 doors and 10 speakers that are used for announcements! lol.

Like I said, the next time it happens take a quick look at the 'Last activity date' in the device. Also if you have logging on, look for these two lines.

Sensor 1 - timeDiff: 5
Sensor 1 getTimeDiff4 - lastActivity: 2019-06-03 11:45:17.293



New version on Github...

V2.1.0 - 06/06/19 - Added more wording to Volume Control Options. Code cleanup.


FINALLY got it to do it. As you can see the BH1 and BH3 are over the 4 minutes. :slight_smile: I forgot to enable logging which I just turned on now. Does this help?



Did it again....here is more info:

Front door Welcome Home Child App:
app:26062019-06-08 08:15:14.086 am infoWelcome Home - Front Door - Mom just got here! Time Diff = 0

app:26062019-06-08 08:15:14.039 am infoWelcome Home - Front Door - Dad - Global 'Been Here' is yes. No announcement needed.

Welcome home device driver:
dev:22562019-06-08 08:15:14.137 am debugIn Welcome Home - sendDataMap4 - Received new data!

dev:22562019-06-08 08:15:14.100 am debugIn Welcome Home - sendDataMap3 - Received new data!

dev:22562019-06-08 08:15:14.072 am debugIn Welcome Home - sendDataMap2 - Received new data!

Welcome Home Driver Events:


Looking at the log, WH did exactly what it was supposed to. :grin:

You'll need to compare this time stamp with the 'Device Details - Last Activity Time'. Like I have shown in post #258. Only then will we know if something is going on or not.



@bptworld So not sure what you mean. Here is the last activity for the presence sensor that this issue occurred with. As you can see the device has been present since yesterday. The time diff is not working correctly in the app and/or driver. Also keep in mind this happens with all presence sensors I have Welcome Home monitoring.


Thanks @aaron, I get random messages as well, even when I've been home for hours or a couple times, more than 1 day

Since my notifications are more for fun and encouragement rather than critical, I don't worry about them



You'll need to compare this line in the log...
2019-06-08 08:15:14.086 am infoWelcome Home - Front Door - Mom just got here! Time Diff = 0

with this data in your 'Device Details - Last Activity At'. Like this...(this is mine so the last activity won't match)

So again, you'll need to check the Last Activity At as soon as you hear the announcement to see if they match.



I provided some data back in #258 however I don't see a reply. Is that what you are looking for?



Exactly! Look at your first screenshot of the device page, notice the Last Activity 9:08 pm and then look at your second screenshot, three lines below the highlighted blue line... lastActivity: 21:08! They are the same, as they should be. The app ran at 09:09 pm, which is less than the time you specified... so it made the announcement. Worked perfectly. :grin::smirk::sunglasses:

Remember, all it can do it pull from the device, so if the device says you just got there it's not Welcome Home's fault. You have something else going on with your presence sensor.



Thanks Bryan

In this case, I never left and my presence device events confirm this which is why I looped in @bravenel



In this case you'd be better off starting a new thread showing how the lastactivity on the device page doesn't match the events page. Bruce won't try do dig through a post like this to find out what's going on. Would take too much time.


@bptworld Since the latest 2.12 update I haven’t had this issue happen. Probably was the time stamp issue that was only in the UI but realistically is also in the device itself.


LOL. Blade Runner reference. Love it.



This is a great app. thank you.

I use it with a Google display. Does anyone know how to make the display close the cast picture after its spoken? It gets stuck on it after a message comes through.



In the Device page. turn on 'Stop after TTS is complete'.


I haven't updated this in a while and I am noticing that there is a driver called WelcomeHomeDriver. Does this replace the Global Variables Driver? If I update this will I need to update anything in the app? My Global Variables Driver is 1.0.2 and my Welcome Home App is 2.0.2. I also use Departures App which I think also uses the Global Variables Driver.


This is working great. I love it, but my family are freaking out a bit (I track everyone via google wifi through virtual switch in HE, works great with 1 min delay).

anyone gone all out on randomising the messages? I have 3 (i wouldnt call that all out but a start)

%greeting%. Welcome back %name%; %name% %has_have% arrived, welcome!; Well hello %name%!;