[DEPRECIATED] Welcome Home


That log looks like it's just what it logs after you 'save' the child app. Would need to see a log of someone coming home and opening a door. Also, screenshots of how you have the app setup always help.



I'll just leave this right here for tonight....Departures

I'll do a release post tomorrow :grin:

Edit: [RELEASE] Departures


Yes, I did install the global driver and created a virtual device using the driver.

@bptworld is there a way to test this without having to arrive?

Thank you! I will be looking at this when I get Welcome Home working!


Here is a screenshot of the child app I created:


Sure, you would need to create at least one virtual presence sensor and a virtual contact sensor. This is how I do all my testing.

Just set the virtual presence sensor to 'not present' and then back to 'present', then open' the virtual contact sensor. You should hear the speech...close the virtual contact sensor and set the virtual presence sensor to 'not present' and it's ready to go again. Set to 'present', 'open' the contact sensor... rinse and repeat.

BTW, the child app looks good. Thanks


Departures worked! Just need to figure out how to set the echo speaker volume. I will keep testing the Arrivals.


@bptworld ok so I took the plunge today and unpsych'd myself on this massive upgrade. I didn't want to loose all of my customizations BUT I hate being behind the times for updates. So trusty Notepad was my friend to construct the long variable string for my messages. After doing so I must admit I am happy I spent the whole 5 minutes to do this (in my head was thinking more like 30-40 minutes to cut/paste). Appreciate the continuous updates!!


If someone wants to make more here are the bits to match up.

Arrive open

'Welcome home ’,'How you doing ','What's up ','Long time no see ','Hey ','Nice you see you ','Look who's home, it's ','Nice to have you back ','Howdy do ','What's going on ','How is everything ','It's been ages since I have seen you ','Where have you been hiding ','How's it hanging ','What's cookin ','What's shakin ','Greetings and salutations ','How goes it ','What's happening ','What's up ','Roll out the red carpet for '

Arrive closing

‘ in the house! Ooo oooo’,' here.',' home.',' in the house.',' joining the party.',' crashing the party.',' gracing us with their presence.',' dropping anchor.',' dropping in.',' making the scene.',' barging in.',' showing up.',' blowing in.',' appearing.',' breezing in.',' rolling in.',' popping in.'

Depart open

‘Goodbye ’,'See you later ','Bye ','Live long and prosper ','Farewell ','Hope you have a great time ','Take care ','Smell you later ','Adios ','Caio ','Au revoir ','Sayonara ','Ta Ta for now ','Catch you later ','To-da-loo ','See you in the funny papers ','Toodles ','Godspeed ','So long ','Cheerio ','Arrivederci '

Depart close

’ left the building!’,' gone out.',' popped out.',' left.',' buggered off.',' departed.',' split.',' vamoosed.',' high tailed it.',' escaped.',' eight-six'd it.',' bid farewell.',' flaked off.',' took a hike.',' withdrawn.',' exited.',' vanished.',' disappeared.',' evacuated.',' retreated.',' taken their leave.'


@bptworld I setup virtual presence sensors and virtual contact sensor to test this and it didn't work. I am getting an error in the logs:

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:57.545 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: null on line 708 (contactSensorHandler)

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:57.475 pm debugTest Arrival - In setVolume...

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:57.474 pm debugTest Arrival - Music Player

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:55.359 pm debugTest Arrival - contact Status: = closed

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.469 pm debugTest Arrival - In letsTalk - Waiting 10 seconds to Speak

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.468 pm debugTest Arrival - Speaker(s) in use: [Echo - Upstairs Echo Dot, Echo - Living Room Echo Dot, Echo - Basement Echo Dot]

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.459 pm debugTest Arrival - AGAIN...Name = Test Presence1

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.457 pm debugTest Arrival - *********** In nameCount=1: myCount = 0

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.456 pm debugTest Arrival - In getName...Number of Names: 1 - Names: [Test Presence1]

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.454 pm debugTest Arrival - In getName...

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.431 pm debugTest Arrival - In getGreeting - Static - greeting: Good Afternoon

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.428 pm debugTest Arrival - timeHH = 0

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.410 pm debugTest Arrival - In getGreeting...

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.409 pm debugTest Arrival - In messageHandler - Static - theMessage: %greeting% %name% %is_are% arriving!

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.407 pm debugTest Arrival - In messageHandler...

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.406 pm debugTest Arrival - In checkTime - Time restrictions have not been configured - Continue

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.404 pm debugTest Arrival - In checkTime...

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.402 pm debugTest Arrival - In letsTalk...

app:9002019-03-16 12:10:47.401 pm infoTest Arrival - Test Presence2 - No announcement needed. Time Diff = 13


Did you flip the switch if using 'Echo Speaks' devices? That line is that is throwing the error is for non-echo speak devices. Show me just the speech portion of your app.



Yes, I didn't have that checked off as I am also testing it with my sonos speakers. I checked it off and then it did work but it said the message twice.


Check my code from NOAA to borrow back co-existence of Music/Speech and Echo Speaks. My code originated from Welcome Home. :wink:


Thanks! I was just starting to re-write that section.


OK, so I have both working. What I have found out is that it doesn't seem to matter if I select Music Player or Speech Synth is using the Echo speaks speakers. If I use my sonos speakers, they do speak but not at the same time and they will resume what I was listening to BUT they don't restore the volume to what it was before speaking. I wish Sonos was easier to work with. :tired_face:


Just noticed that if I select Speech Synth I don't have any options for Volume but if I select Music Player I get an option for setting the volume.


You got that backwards, only Music Player has volume controls.


Yeah I saw that and changed it!:wink: This is really good work! I could think of many ways that you could add on to this app and the Departure app to slimline our RM rules a bit. Like for instance, setting the mode to Away when all the Presence Sensors are gone and setting it to Home when someone arrives. Same thing with setting thermostats, etc. There are a lot of people that use presence to control their houses somewhat (like me:wink:) But your apps are really helping make HE more usable!


Thank you!

HSM already does this and sets the appropriate mode when someone returns.

I have a Nest, takes care of things all by itself :wink:


How does it do that? I setup a battery check using HSM and it hasn't told me anything and I know that one of my motion sensors has 1% battery left.
I have Ecobee but I like to run it based on rules.

With the problems with sonos not resume correctly and having to use Echo speakers....I will have to get more echo speakers!:smirk:


My mistake, it's not HSM but Mode Manager that takes care of this. I knew I had it set up somewhere! :sunglasses: