[DEPRECATED] wx-ApiXU-driver

I'm looking at Darksky this minute and it's response is OK, but not as comprehensive as ApiXU was. I've always doubted that many people used the obscure elements ApiXU offered, which is why I added on all that Selection code. :slight_smile:

However, it's a cloud service too and that means it's at risk for going the same way.

Darksky won't be hard to code up, and we have until October, but there will be major differences because of what they supply (for almost free.)

If anyone needs a tester for a DarkSky driver, please let me know! I've got an Ambient Weather WS-1401-IP for my Weather station and I use Weewx. I would be happy with a separate driver for DarkSky if that's available.

Good point.. I didn't search to see if one already existed :frowning:

Well they offer 1000 request/day for free, that should work so this may be a good alternative. I would be happy with general forecast and lux data.


Acquiring the data from DarkSky is working for me, but everything is spelled differently, of course.

There's 7 days of forecast. But instead of 60+ attributes from ApiXU, there's 22.

There's a couple of fundamental problems that make 'swap the driver' not much better than swapping to OpenWeatherMap. APIXU would 'lookup' postal codes (zip codes) to Latitude/longitude. DarkSky doesn't. Therefore, at least for the past hour or two, I've been using Latitude/longitude manually. There are DB that can be used or created, but that means yet another Cloud visit.

I've got my machete out to cut back to 22 Attributes and my Jumbo marker to change the names. :smiley:


Your Lat/Long can be obtained directly from Hubitat using location.latitude and location.longitude. No need to query for them.

@csteele Just trying to set this up now and apiXU has been aquired by Weatherstack. I have signed up and obtained an API for Weatherstack (as I don't seem to be able to obtain an apiXU API).
Out of interest I have tried using this API in the device but it doesn't retrieve any states.
Any suggestions?

Do a search for 'darksky'.
There are 2 threads running. One using a PWS and one not.
I use this one.


Thanks, @bobbles! Will check it out.

So what is the verdict on future development on this driver with the demise of the api service? Is the community moving over to the DarkSky drivers?

I'm assuming so. :slight_smile:
I have.

I'll be releasing a version of Luxuriant in a day or so that offers a DarkSky option for cloud data..


DarkSky is working out for me. Still have both running for now.

Make the move. You won't be disappointed.

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Luxuriant-Driver v1.6.0 released with an option for either weather source.


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How is everyone getting fancy tiles with forecast and all? I can only seem to see the option that just give me this :expressionless:

Think I have done something wrong.

ApiXU will shut down on Oct 14th. So i wouldn't invest too much time in working through this. It will only work for a couple more days. Check out the Dark Sky driver instead.

i get the impression they have already shutdown from seeing my logs...

Quite possible. However their official announcement is that it won't shut down till October 14th. In either case, don't burn any time trying to debug.

Are there any other options out there for illuminance? That was all I was using apixu for.

edit: just found the Dark Sky thread, awesome!

Luxuriant-Driver v1.6.0

Offers to use Apixu (original) as well as DarkSky for cloud cover values.

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