[DEPRECATED] Universal Ecobee Suite, version 1.7.**

Yes. If it registers in HE with temp you can select the device(s) in the app.

Many of the Helper apps use external temperature sensors, and these can be both native Ecobee sensors or any other sensor available to HE/ST. But it does not support averaging sensors to define the "current temperature" of the thermostat the way that Ecobee uses its own sensors.

Smart Vents, for example, tries to achieve a temperature goal based on any sensors by opening/closing vents while the HVAC runs. Smart Circulation controls the fanMinOnTime circulation to balance temps across multiple rooms (sensors). And you can change the setpoints or programs based on external temperature and/or delta between inside and outside temperatures.

Okay sounds cool.

I’m going to have to dig into this to see how it works.

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The biggest thing I have had to unlearn is to just trust the system is doing what it says. Even though my thermostat is smart my bride and kiddos are smarter....for the past 2 years I walk by to see a "holding for next x hours/minutes" and immediately I would click the "x" button with an under-the-breathe explicative on how we waste money not letting the thermostat do its thing.

Since I stopped doing that and now the kiddos and bride see it "holding" they assume it is holding from previous set point. LOL! @storageanarchy app is doing great!

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@storageanarchy - back to the pause discussion...

So I like that the helpers get paused if I go into the app and click the button. What I am finding is that with our business I need the app to pause all helper apps at random times. The issue I am running into is the WAF. Is there anyway you could change the boolean to observe a switch? It is much easier for my wife to tell Alexa to turn on/off a switch than having her go into the Hubitat administration console.


So, you want a "global pause (virtual) switch?"

I think I can do that...

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UPDATE: I just tried authenticating again today and now it is working. I updated to version: so something changed and allowed it

There isn't much live logging since the failure occurs before it can initialize the app. This is the only logging at the time of the error. The app never initializes to allow any kind of logging other than this error.

Sometimes the Ecobee Servers can be down (or slow) for new authentications...that could have been your issue...

Ecobee Suite updates posted 9 July 2019 at 7:00pm EDT

This release brings several user-requested feature enhancements and a few important bug fixes:

  • Ecobee Suite Manager, version 1.7.24
    • Handle DNS timeout errors on all Ecobee API calls
    • Changed displayName of Smart Vents & Switches Helper
    • Changed displayName of Smart Mode, Programs & Switches Helper
    • Added option to synchronize Global Pause with an external (virtual) Switch - as in: "Alexa, turn on Global Pause"
  • Ecobee Suite Open Contacts, version 1.7.25
    • Fixes HVACModeState bug that sometimes caused unpredictable behaviour
  • Ecobee Suite Smart Mode, version 1.7.12
    • Added support for changing Programs also
    • Changed displayName to Smart Mode, Programs & Setpoints Helper
  • Ecobee Suite Smart Vents, version 1.7.06
    • Added option to control one or more switches, e.g. to utilize on a blower or a fan when trying to balance temperatures
    • Changed displayName to Smart Vents & Switches Helper
  • Ecobee Suite Thermal Comfort, version 1.7.11
    • Added option to utilize the average/highest/lowest value of multiple Humidistats

These updates are recommended for all users.


Smart Mode and Vents didn't seem to change names?

I only changed the displayName which is used in ES Manager/Helpers list ('New Smart Mode, Programs & Setpoints Helper') and in the default label for the Helper settings. The file names in GitHub are the same, and it doesn't overwrite the name you gave the Helper instance.

Thanks! So can I edit the names under:

name: "ecobee Suite Smart Mode",

You cannot change the names within the Helpers - their name must be the same as the appName witihin Ecobee Suite Manager - this is how the parent/child relationship is maintained.

Is something not working for you?

*** Ecobee Suite updates released 10 July 2019 at 12:55pm EDIT

  • Ecobee Suite Manager, version 1.7.26
    • Fixed pauseSwitch initialization error
  • Ecobee Suite Open Contacts, version 1.7.26
    • Fixes unnecessary notification when doors are closed during the 'off_pending' delay period

This update is HIGHLY recommended for all users

Everything working. But I do find myself wondering if I'm updating the right things from your release notes.

If you're not sure, then I probably didn't explain things enough (or correctly) - how can I improve the notes?

Also, my sincere apologies about the Open Contacts issues - I added a user-requested feature (don't turn ON if HVAC was OFF when the door was left open), and it created more complexity and issues than I foresaw (hence the 26+ updates since release). I THINK I have it all cleaned up, so PLEASE let me know if it stops working.

And that message goes to everyone - thanks for your patience...

Here's an example:

But that's not what I see in my Apps code

So I'm not certain if I'm updating everything correctly?

My bad - the file name for the Ecobee Suite Mode/Routines/Switches/Programs is actually ecobee Suite Routines. It is a hold-over from the early days, before I started overloading the Helpers instead of creating new ones with similar functionality.

I try to always use the file name in the update announcements, but as you have noticed, I am not consistent in doing that.

Here's a tip for Hubitat users - use the IMPORT function to load the files from my Github the first time. For Applications, this will load and retain the path name; when there are updates, you can simply open the file locally, click on Import, and (re)import the updated file. This works on Drivers as well.

I will try to be more consistent using the base names instead of the displayNames when I announce updates...thank you for your feedback,

Sure! And thank you for doing such great work.

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Ecobee Suite Updates posted on 14 July 2019 at 8:20am EDT

Fixes & Enhancements include:

  • Ecobee Suite Thermostat, version 1.7.22
    • New!!! adds support for demandResponse program (see below)
  • Ecobee Suite Manager, version 1.7.27
    • New!!! adds support for demandResponse program (see below)
  • Ecobee Suite Open Contacts, version 1.7.28
    • Fixes race condition where HVAC would not be turned back on under certain conditions
  • Ecobee Suite Smart Mode, version 1.7.14
    • Improved!!! at a users' request/suggestion, the checks of mode change conditions are repeated when the location.mode becomes valid again

About the new demandResponse support

In cooperation with power companies in some countries (including the USA), Ecobee thermostats can be requested to perform energy-saving demandResponse actions by the power companies (usually only if you register/subscribe to the program, often with a cash incentive). This version of Ecobee Suite adds support for recognizing, reporting and displaying (on SmartThings Classic) these demandResponse activities.

These activities can take many forms, and so far I have only added support for the ones that I have experienced recently. First, there is a "pre-cool" request sent by the power company, usually to drop the coolingSetpoint (or increase the heatingSetpoint) between 3-5°F for 1.5 hours prior to sending the reduced power request. This latter demandRequest event will raise the current coolingSetpoint (or lower the heatingSetpoint by 4-5°F for a period of time (typ. 3-5 hours). These two events are reported slightly differently so that you can tell the difference:

  • Precool will be denoted as the attribute currentProgramName being set to Hold: Eco Prep. On SmartThings Classic, the program icon will change to the green half-leaf icon that also appears on the thermostat itself;

  • The demandResponse event itself will be denoted as currentProgramName being simply Hold: Eco; the SmartThings Classic program icon will be the green flower icon that appears on the thermostat;

  • In both cases, the following attributes are also updated to reflect the DR event:

    • currentProgram will be set to Eco if the event is optional (i.e., you can cancel it), or as Eco! if it is a mandatory event that cannot be overridden

    • thermostatHold will be set to demandResponse

    • holdEndsAt will describe the time the hold will end, as in "today at 6:30pm" (time is local thermostat time)

    • holdStatus will describe the event as "Demand Response Event ends today at 6:30pm"

  • Additionally, a new command entry point has been created, cancelDemandResponse(). This command will cancel the current event IFF it is not a mandatory DR event. The "Resume/Cancel" button on the SmartThings Classic thermostat device will also change to enable cancelling the DR event.

It is important to understand that DR events CAN be overridden by another user-generated hold, but the end time of such a hold will be forced by Ecobee to match the end-time of the DR event. DR events are also created on top of any current hold, and the existing hold will be returned to after the DR event completes, or if it is cancelled. Also, you can turn off the HVAC altogether while a DR event is running, but it will not be automatically turned back on when the event finishes.

Developers should note that if they call resumeProgram() instead of cancelDemandResponse(), both the DR event AND any prior-existing Hold will be cancelled, and the regularly scheduled program will run. Also, it is not possible for end-users to create their own DR events (but you can create a Hold or a program that does the equivalent).

Hopefully the above provides enough info for WebCoRE users and Groovy programmers can interact with these DR events. If not, let me know.

This feature was added at user request. One person asked to be able to automatically cancel such events if they are at home; another wanted to take other energy-savings actions during a DR event (which often are scheduled when power rates are at their daily highest).

Finally, note that this is my first implementation - their undoubtedly will arise situations that I don't handle properly. If you find one, please let me know so I can increase the robustness of the implementation.

These updates are highly recommended for ALL Ecobee Suite users