[DEPRECATED] Universal Ecobee Suite, version 1.7.**

Thanks, that may have been it - along with bad timing for me updating the system. I agree, a good reminder as to why I switched to Hubitat, local control.

No, for a complete uninstall, I wouldn't remove the files in Apps Code or Driver's code - just get rid of all the actual devices (first), the delete any Helper apps you may have instantiated, then finally delte Ecobee Suite Manager. Then create a new ESM, and rebuild from there.

Ecobee weather is very flakey, and generally the data is from miles away from your location. Best bet is a separate temp/humidity sensor placed outdoors - if you're not interested in setting up your own local weather station (:slight_smile: ).

Looks like you're all back in business....


Yep, it's working now. I am using it for the interior temp readings to control an outlet for a window AC unit and that works well when the Ecobee's are talking but I've learned my lesson, I'm getting a Zigbee multi-sensor for the temperature readings for that rule.

See the link below if anyone is interested:

I'm excited to be moving this last piece from ST to my HE. Thanks for your continued work on this excellent suite!

I noticed a bug that I'd like to report:
Thermal Comfort 1.7.13: The notification configuration doesn't show up. This bug actually broke my configured helpers in ST as well, preventing me from accessing their configuration screens.

Fix posted (for both platforms) - formal announcement momentarily...

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Ecobee Suite Updates posted on 2 August 2019 at 11:10am EDT

Two fixes posted:

  • Ecobee Suite Smart Mode, version 1.7.17
    • On SmartThings only, wasn't properly updating the appLabel (wasn't clearing old context when it wasn't (paused)
  • Ecobee Suite Thermal Comfort, version 1.7.14
    • Wasn't displaying Notifications options for new or existing instances

These fixes are highly recommended for all users of these two Helpers


Been running for two weeks with the Ecobee Suite and then today I got the following messages in my log:

I wonder if the folks at Ecobee are doing something strange on their end?

If this persists, and if you can still control the stat using the Ecobee web app, then you should try logging in from Ecobee Suite Manager again.

It only happened twice yesterday. Been clear since about 1;00 pm CDT. I don't try to control the Ecobee from Hubitat I use Ecobee as a source for rules for occupancy, modes, etc. Thanks Barry.

If it only happens occasionally, then it's no big deal - sometime things time out in the Internet and return no data. Usually, ES will recover from these within a few cycles - you won't notice unless you are watching Live Logging...

Thanks very much for creating this! New to the hubitat game and had no difficulty setting things up.

One unsolicited request for further development would be a much shorter polling time for switch+ on/off states if possible. I'm hoping to use the switch+ to control an overhead light via a Bond Home bridge with relative speed. This works through current polling options in the app or ifttt, but at speeds which aren't feasible for everyday application.

I could be missing something here and such a thing may or may not be viable, but it would certainly be a big improvement for me if so.

Ecobee generally limits polling time to once every 3 minutes, but the techniques used in Ecobee Suite are able to get this down to once every 60 seconds. There is no way to poll Ecobee any faster without them actually blocking you outright, so you will need to look for some other alternative than Ecobee thermostats if you need a faster response time.

You might be able to get faster reaction times using Apple Homekit’s Ecobee support - rumor is that a HomeKit server has direct local access to the thermostat, via an api not made public (at least not yet).

If you find something that work, please let us know - it is probably the most requested feature.

I really wish they would extend the API to the physical thermostat in addition their web API. I have requested that feature from them before. Since the thermostat already has the information it would lighten the load on the Ecobee API servers in the cloud for people that have local hubs and automation.

Even better would be allowing Ecobee events to be streamed to the local hub like they stream to their servers. But one can wish.

There's a typo in the current version of Open Contacts. On line 427 it is 'tmpThermSaveState', when it should be 'tmpThermSavedState'

It also looks like there's an unconditional log message in Open Contacts on line 1,034

Thanks, @morse.caleb - good catch on the typo.

The second item you report is in fact intentional - that's where the actual logging happens when LOG() is called...

Fix coming momentarily...

Ecobee Suite updates posted on 22 August 2019 at 7:05am EDT

  • Ecobee Suite Open Contacts, version 1.7.30
    • Fixed typo in tmpThermSave(d)State

This fix is highly recommended for all users of ES Open Contacts


Are you sure that is the case? It looks like log."${logType}" is always called here: Ecobee-Suite/ecobee-suite-open-contacts.groovy at master · SANdood/Ecobee-Suite · GitHub

Yes, it is absolutely intentional. LOG()'d items are sent up to the parent, who will log them in their stream IF the logLevel is appropriate. But ALL LOG()'d items are logged in the individual Helper apps. I've been generally VERY careful to keep the Helper LOG()ing to a minimum. You'll find that most all the other Helpers do the same thing.

Is there a problem with this?

I brought it up because I was getting lots of debug log messages from the coolSPHandler. They seemed to be printing every 5 seconds or so, but sometimes the app would print out quite a few in a row. It seemed like I should be able to disable the log messages in the helpers as well as in the parent.

Here's an example the messages I was seeing:

app:376 2019-08-22 00:49:42.262 debug coolSPHandler() - thermSavedState: [311016338983:[mode:cool, currentProgramName:Sleep soon, currentProgram:Sleep soon, currentProgramId:smart2, coolSP:73, HVACModeState:on, heatSP:60, thermostatHold:null, heatAdj:55.0, holdType:nextTransition, coolAdj:78.0]]
app:376 2019-08-22 00:49:35.245 debug coolSPHandler() - thermSavedState: [311016338983:[mode:cool, currentProgramName:Sleep soon, currentProgram:Sleep soon, currentProgramId:smart2, coolSP:73, HVACModeState:on, heatSP:60, thermostatHold:null, heatAdj:55.0, holdType:nextTransition, coolAdj:78.0]]