[DEPRECATED] Tasmota 7.x/8.x firmware for Hubitat + Tuya, Sonoff and other drivers

It is not the driver, but can be the hub, there are sometimes delays firing any type of event. I have none of those issues and same goes for many, but it is always a balance getting the hub just right. As far as this driver goes, it is basically as optimized as can be. There is still room for some improvement in that part, but not in the areas which handle time-critical operations.
Right now there is no use using MQTT since there is not yet support for that in the driver, but when there is, it will mostly be to get lights to turn on simultaneously in groups.

This thread is for the old legacy drivers, for the new ones, go here:

Hey was this with the Yagusmart switches? I got one after seeing it was Tuya, hoping it would tuya-convert, but having tried several times to convert, I can't get it to work. Tuya-convert won't connect and after several retries it stops.

Having looked at it, it looks like a different chipset from the likes of Sonoff so probably won't work.

@markus, Is there a switch to stop these information messages from appearing in the log? I don’t mind the on/off messages, but the Power monitoring ones don’t bring much value... I reduced the refresh to hourly to reduce the traffic, but every hour my ~30 Power Monitoring Plugs report in and fill-up the logs...

I still want the information to come in (use it in HubiGraph - works great!) but would prefer it it could avoid the logs...

dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:28.098 info'power' set to '20'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:28.069 info'powerWithUnit' set to '20 W'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:28.038 info'voltage' set to '122'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:28.004 info'voltageWithUnit' set to '122 V'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.956 info'powerFactor' set to '0.45'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.915 info'reactivePower' set to '39 VAr'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.823 info'apparentPower' set to '44 VA'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.799 info'current' set to '0.359 A'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.767 info'energyYesterday' set to '0.472 kWh'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.706 info'energyToday' set to '0.314 kWh'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.679 info'energyTotal' set to '26.396 kWh'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.492 info'switch' set to 'on'


Yes, turn off info logging in the slave device under preferences. Do note that these logs do not go to the database and don't affect performance when at the frequencies you talk about.

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Got it. I had switched it off for the Parent... What is logged at the Parent level?

I’m not worried with performance, but more with filling up my “Past Logs” and not being able to find events as they are no longer available... :slight_smile:

For Info logging, not to much, in general you don't need the logs unless you're experiencing problems and want to look for something in particular.

This is definitely an issue, what I do when I need longer time-periods of logs is connect to the log websocket with a Python script and store the logs separately. I also know some people use Node-RED to do the same.

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I’ll have to learn that one day! Too much in the go right now... My brain can only handle so much... :wink:

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I have a Topgreener Dimmer that I flashed OTA with
(not markus version).
Well I had the dam thing working (ON/OFF) , couldn't get it to dim.
I still see the toggle commands but no response from the load.

Now its dead. (Works on the paddle only)
I have to try and get it working again and I will be back,

OK I got it working.
Topgreener Dimmer.
Flashed OTA
Tasmota Config
Module Type Tuya MCU (54)
GPIO13 Tuya Rx (108)
GPIO15 TUYA Tx (107)
SetOption34 3
Hubitat Config Device
Tasmota - Sonoff Basic
Dash Board Template Switch

Device does not work set any other way.
Dashboard Template set as Dimmer shows nothing on console

Can anyone help me with this?

You probably have to set either TuyaMCU 21,2 or TuyaMCU 21,3, see "Dimming dpId" here. You really should use my version of 8.3.1 if you want it to work as expected with HE.

I am stumped.
I am not sure if I can even find your version and the 8.3.1.
I do have 8.3.1 in the dimmer but on the main page it doesn't have you name.
I already had the dimmer working via the Tasmota Toyu module page.
But no mater what how I set it up in HE I cant get it to work set up as a dimmer.

All sorted in this thread:

A little lost. New to tasmota, so a lot to learn still. Thanks to markus for letting me know that I could flash the wemos mini to control ws2812b strips in hubitat (waiting on my strips to arrive to try).

Now I am moving onto operating the garage door with another wemos mini I have lying around... Yes I know there are other threads on doing this, but none of them are thorough enough for me to not get a little lost.

SO I have made one module as a "relay" which I have working. I have a rule to make it turn off after 1 second so when I buy the ssr tomorrow I can make it simulate a momentary button push.

Now I want to use reed switches to determine what state the roller door is in (rather than a samsung multi sensor). However for some reason if I choose a switch (see my screenshots) the status never shows in the main page of the device and only the "relay" status shows. Which means it doesn't show as a child device in hubitat.

Yes, this is the old and deprecated thread... :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you like it though :slight_smile:

Exactly how you need to connect this depends on the type of reed switch you are using. With a 3-wire reed switch where 1 wire goes to the pin you set to be a Switch, 1 goes to 3.3v and the third one to ground there is no need for a resistor. For a 2-wire one you probably need a resistor:

+ 3.3v -----------------RESISTOR-------------- PIN on ESP8266
                                REED SWITCH
 GROUND --------------------------------

Setting a pin to Switch doesn't give you an easy way to have a state, if you set your Reed switch pin to Switch1 you also need to set an unused pin to Relay1. Then run, for Switch1, the command "switchmode1 1" in the console. For Switch2 it would be "switchmode2 1".

Hope this makes sense? If you control the relay opening/closing the garage door from the same Tasmota device or want to control the relay on another Tasmota directly over wifi without involving/relying on HE that is also possible using Rules directly on Tasmota.

I was thinking to leave this reply here, but will use the other thread for new questions.

Thanks. The reed switch wiring makes sense as I've done that previously for anither esp project.

However just to confirm. So in tasmota I set a pin as switch2. I set another pin as relay2. I then run the console command as you mentioned. This then means that when switch2 pin go high, then relay2 appears as high? Is that how it works? So for every switch you need to use two pin allocations, however I could use the output for something if it was useful? If I use switch3 do I also need to use relay3, as the numbers link them together?

Or I monitor for messages thaf say when a sensor goes high or low but that's a but more learning to do? Or is this totally wrong as well?

Or am I still lost? If I have it wrong let me know as I'd be happy to go read elsewhere before coming back with more questions.

Seems this is good reading for me huh. I guess I looked at switches slightly different coming from using only arduino ide on standard esp8266 firmwares in the past. Tasmota is more focused on switches that directly operate a relay on the same device.. So this is why they are likely this way in tasmota firmware.


Yes, with switchmode set to 1 for that switch.

This is the easy way, there are other ways, I would not recommend doing it differently unless you run out of pins and really have to.

Yes, and you can also directly control other Tasmota devices from a Tasmota device based on custom rules, no hub needed :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, this is good reading for this :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps. I've managed to get something in order inside the house this evening.. Reed switch changes switch 2. Switch 1 toggled turns the digital pin high/low. Started writing rules to change the status of switches on my dashboard to match the status of the reed switch.. So ready to install into the garage door opener once I get the solid state relay and the wifes permission to spend time outside in the garage :wink:

On another note, I just realised that the new and updated xioami/aqara drivers I am using are yours as well. So without your efforts, well my hubitat just wouldn't be the same. Thanks.

Next time we chat will be in the right thread

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