[DEPRECATED] Tasmota 7.x/8.x firmware for Hubitat + Tuya, Sonoff and other drivers

Mainly I am interested it will be upgrade able through Web UI, cause I need to solder to install Tasmota, so should I wait or it will be OK, thanks

Once you have Tasmota installed you can install upgrades via the web UI

Hi @markus

My first attempt at Tasmota and all, I've managed to successfully flash a Lenovo IR controller (Lenovo Smart IR Controller | JB Hi-Fi) which is basically another OEM of the Tuya UFO-1 device.
I see that it is externally physically identical to the "Nedis Universal IR Bridge" in the Tasmota device list, with the following Template:
{"NAME":"Nedis IR Bridge","GPIO":[255,255,255,255,56,51,0,0,0,17,8,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":62}

@jchurch 's wiki said to ping you to create the Driver based on this template...

is this everything you need?

@sanewton72 The IR device support is a bit special, currently there is only receiving support in any driver of mine. I've not had any real requests for these drivers and I've not had any real use for them yet. I do have use coming up for them so I will add sending IR signal support soonish.
With that said, it IS possible to control the IR device through direct Tasmota commands using my Closed Beta driver not yet openly released, I've been wanting docs to be better before release, but I guess it's past time releasing already.
I will add that device to the Closed Beta driver and it will be available when released. To use it you will have to send IR commands (or RAW) directly through the "Send Command" command in the parent driver. You can use RM to send commands with that function.

hi @markus thanks for the prompt reply, i understand what you're saying, RM control is fine, i use RM for a fair amount of my stuff anyway, the logic control flexibility and local execution is why I went with Hubitat in the first place, and i'm looking to do some interesting stuff with it as i get more proficient with it and the ecosystem evolves with official and community apps like yours :slight_smile:
and while i'm on topic, thanks for your efforts on this project!
any sense on an ETA to get my hands on the beta and device? (i'm not being pushy, just looking to set my own expectations (the first use case is split-system A/C control in my 3yr old daughter's bedroom, with the Aussie winter just starting it would be very useful).

The new driver thread is located here:

hi @markus thanks so much for your help. i've gotten it all working except the last little part...in RM how do i access "Send Command" in the parent driver when creating a rule?

i've tried:

  • Run Custom Action > a number of the capabilities there but nothing that seems to match what i'm after

  • Send HTTP Post - but not sure what I would use as the URL, and also this doesn't really use the parent driver...

  • Device Refresh or Polling - no luck there either.

Glad it's working:)

With Custom Action I believe, I really never use RM. If you can't find it, ask again. :slight_smile:

ah :slight_smile: pls see above i edited my post...i tried Custom Action but the next selection is the Capability (e.g. Switch, Dimmer, Temperature, Humidity etc) which seems to be a dead-end when i try selecting them.

Choose Presence and Tasmota Parent devices will show.

Use two String parameters

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@markus you da man!


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Love this. exactly what I was looking for. Wondering if anyone is having intermittent slow reacting. Some times when I toggle the dashboard switches, the will work quickly and sometimes they give me a hour glass and is slow at switching. If I toggle from the switch itself with it's ip address, it doesn't hesitate so I am guessing it's the driver or maybe I am doing something wrong? Would MQTT (mosquitto) help? I am not sure what that does but I have a raspberry pi with mqtt on it and I can try. Thanks...

It is not the driver, but can be the hub, there are sometimes delays firing any type of event. I have none of those issues and same goes for many, but it is always a balance getting the hub just right. As far as this driver goes, it is basically as optimized as can be. There is still room for some improvement in that part, but not in the areas which handle time-critical operations.
Right now there is no use using MQTT since there is not yet support for that in the driver, but when there is, it will mostly be to get lights to turn on simultaneously in groups.

This thread is for the old legacy drivers, for the new ones, go here:

Hey was this with the Yagusmart switches? I got one after seeing it was Tuya, hoping it would tuya-convert, but having tried several times to convert, I can't get it to work. Tuya-convert won't connect and after several retries it stops.

Having looked at it, it looks like a different chipset from the likes of Sonoff so probably won't work.

@markus, Is there a switch to stop these information messages from appearing in the log? I don’t mind the on/off messages, but the Power monitoring ones don’t bring much value... I reduced the refresh to hourly to reduce the traffic, but every hour my ~30 Power Monitoring Plugs report in and fill-up the logs...

I still want the information to come in (use it in HubiGraph - works great!) but would prefer it it could avoid the logs...

dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:28.098 info'power' set to '20'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:28.069 info'powerWithUnit' set to '20 W'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:28.038 info'voltage' set to '122'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:28.004 info'voltageWithUnit' set to '122 V'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.956 info'powerFactor' set to '0.45'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.915 info'reactivePower' set to '39 VAr'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.823 info'apparentPower' set to '44 VA'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.799 info'current' set to '0.359 A'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.767 info'energyYesterday' set to '0.472 kWh'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.706 info'energyToday' set to '0.314 kWh'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.679 info'energyTotal' set to '26.396 kWh'
dev:1322020-06-01 15:49:27.492 info'switch' set to 'on'


Yes, turn off info logging in the slave device under preferences. Do note that these logs do not go to the database and don't affect performance when at the frequencies you talk about.

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Got it. I had switched it off for the Parent... What is logged at the Parent level?

I’m not worried with performance, but more with filling up my “Past Logs” and not being able to find events as they are no longer available... :slight_smile:

For Info logging, not to much, in general you don't need the logs unless you're experiencing problems and want to look for something in particular.

This is definitely an issue, what I do when I need longer time-periods of logs is connect to the log websocket with a Python script and store the logs separately. I also know some people use Node-RED to do the same.

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I’ll have to learn that one day! Too much in the go right now... My brain can only handle so much... :wink:

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I have a Topgreener Dimmer that I flashed OTA with
(not markus version).
Well I had the dam thing working (ON/OFF) , couldn't get it to dim.
I still see the toggle commands but no response from the load.

Now its dead. (Works on the paddle only)
I have to try and get it working again and I will be back,