[DEPRECATED] Ring Range Extender/Contact Sensor/Motion Sensor/Smoke and CO Listener

Bummer. $25 for an outdoor sensor would have been nice. Oh well, I put the one I bought today outside anyway (under the eaves). It is kinda big for using indoors and was cheap if it dies.

@Ken_Fraleigh I know zooz has one



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and their support is awesome.. They provide firmware updates.. And they are active in the community.. @agnes.zooz

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Thanks. I'll have to keep that in mind. It shows as $34.95 currently, so maybe it will go on sale.
Because the wife probably wouldn't approve if she knew.

Whoops .. I swear it just said 26.. Maybe i had refurbished selected..

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Still an awesome company.. I’ve been really impressed with their support.. And a ton of people updated their zooz equipment this weekend.. Probably drove their support nutz with requests this weekend


It's WiFi but we can't reverse it because they use their own bridge/router. I support that motion sensor in my integration using their cloud and websocket to talk to it and get updates. The Ring security lighting bridge is required to use that sensor though.

And not to confuse anybody but the integration I linked is for when the devices are NOT connected directly to Hubitat. The drivers here in this thread are for when devices are connected directly to Hubitat (no Ring Alarm hub is in use).


Ahhh.. I was wondering.. It’s not documented anywhere.. Thanks for clarifying @codahq

My V2 will be in next week..

Hope to have some new drivers for y’all soon

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@bcopeland Setting up the Ring Range Extender with "Power Fail Switch".
I noticed when I'm in the Power Fail Switch device, if I click on any of the Commands I get this error in the Logs....

When I Unplug or Plug the Ring range extender back in, the Logs look fine. Other than that it all seems to be working.
Here is the Logs showing me Unplugging the Ring-RE in (red), and me Plugging it back in in (green).

The Power Fail Switch shows Off when unplugged , and On when Plugged in like it should.

Yea.. The commands don’t go to anything.. Because they serve no purpose as it’s just a monitoring child device

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Updated Range Extender Driver to support Gen 2

Does anyone know if the the range extender v2 is using the 500 series chip or 700 series?

I thought somewhere it was mentioned that it had the 700 series chip but can't find that reference.



Sweet. Ordering now. Lets see if this helps me out with my locks.

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PC Controller is telling me the extender gen 2 is 500 series. Do you have 700 series on some spec sheet somewhere?

*edit: Actually, it doesn't look like PC Controller is telling me anything. Same question though, did you find it in a stat sheet somewhere?

z-wave alliance cert

Z-Wave Plus Version 2 is 700 series

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Hubitat newbie here...how does one install the custom driver support that you have developed for the Ring devices? Is it Hubitat policy to eventually add this support or does it remain a developer add-in? Thanks, Dave

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Grab the raw url from github

Then use import feature in driver code on hubitat

Then hit import and then save

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Sweet! Have you done any comparison between the Aeotec / Ring repeaters - given the price difference I would be any advantage to one over the other.

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