[DEPRECATED] Kasa Plug, Switch, and Bulb integration

Yeah, that didn't seem to do anything. I even changed my password in the phone app, logged out, refreshed credentials in Kasa integration, saw it got a new auth token and ran discovery. Every time I run discovery different devices change to cloud or will show the IP.

Is there a timeout or anything perhaps where if something times out it changes to cloud?

So before dropping back to punt, I decided to try manually putting the IP and Port in one of the devices and saving it. After I did that I was able to turn off use cloud for control. And the device works. I repeated this with all the devices that were showing cloud and they all work now.

I suspect though if I re-run discovery it'll change several back to cloud.

Make your cloud credentials invalid in the HE app (use a dummy username) so that it cannot log in.

If you want all devices to be controlled locally there is no reason to give the app your login.

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good point..