[DEPRECATED] Kasa Plug, Switch, and Bulb integration

Yes, event log for the Washer confirms that power/energy changes. However, it never runs any of the actions once the power read 245. The logs and the events are all from the wash last evening.


not Kasa. Need rule machine expert.

Alright, thank you for the response, I'll fire up a separate support post.

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Excuse my ignorance. Can you explain the difference between "Set Polling Interval" and "Energy Polling Interval". If I set energy polling to 1 minute, does it constantly check energy polling every minute or only when it's actually using energy?

When my rule is triggered I make the device's polling change to 1 minute and then back to default of 30 minutes once the power changes below threshold .

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Energy polling interval updates the total energy consumed today. The poll interval polls for the power parameter up to every 5 seconds. That is the data used to determine momentary power usage for the device.

As far as events on the device's events page - the system checks if there is a change in the value and if not, it does (typically) not create a new event.

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This should be support in the Tapo community integration I just finished (it works for the Kasa matter plugs). Try it and tell me.

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Since the motion feature is NOT available on the interface, I will not expend my time to update the Kasa integration. All I can do is set the settings - and that can be done from the Kasa phone app.

That worked! The Tapo community integration app found the KS205 switch and added it successfully. Control appears to be working fine. Thanks for this!

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Thank you for digging into this. Hopefully one day they will add support.

Trying to install a KP405 outdoor dimmer. The device is found but won't install. Any clues?

Need logs to have a clue. But make sure you have installed the dimmer driver.

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@djgutheinz I have a Kasa KP105 smart switch which is currently offline (dropped off my WiFi) and the Kasa iOS app correctly shows it as offline. However the device page in Hubitat for the same device still shows it as connected with on comms errors. It has now been offline for about 10hrs, should the Hubitat device status show a connection fault?

Comms Error. try running save preferences the refresh a few time. It may have stopped the refresh log. Connection will not change unless you change the connection.

Missed the dimmer driver install, thanks!!!

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I have deprecated this integration at the current version. Alternatives:

Legacy Kasa Devices. These are the non-Matter Kasa Devices except for the Kasa Hub 100. New installations should be via the built-in integration.

Matter Kasa Devices and Kasa Hub. Two options:


Did the migration issue from the community version to built in version get resolved?



Note, earlier versions of the built in version had a migrate function. It had a flaw that caused the migrated children to be orphaned from the app on the next Hub reboot. This caused issues if the IP address changed (i.e., the user did not read the instructions).

Later versions have deleted the migration function in the app. Current version of the legacy drivers have Manual IP and Manual Port preferences to account for the orphaned children.

Regardless of the answer to this question, the deprecated version will continue to work for existing installations / devices. Just no future functionality upgrades. I will attempt to fix any critical errors - but the primary fix will be to go to the built-in version.

I just no longer have the personal bandwidth to handle this and living my 75 year old life.


My only reason for asking was to dictate which path I choose to move to the integrated version. Either way was fine with me.

I completely understand not wanting to maintain 2 versions of the same code.

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I 100% understand you not wanting to maintain the deprecated one, and appreciate all you've done for us! I do have a question, is there a recommended method to migrating from the deprecated to the built in? Do I just delete the community one and then install the builtin and then fix all my broken automations? Is there an easier way I am unaware of that results in the least amount of re-work?

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