[DEPRECATED] Inovelli Bulbs Drivers LZW41/LZW42

CT is now working. Status on top right of device page changes for CT after about 5 sec. Bulb changes immediately.

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Sweet... thanks for the update...

@razorwing have you tried using the built in driver for aeotec rgbw bulb?... I noticed these devices seem to be almost identical.. I tested the aeotec multi-white bulb driver on my inovelli multi-white and it worked properly... Didn’t solve my issue of needing pre-stage but it might fix you up..

When I first included it HE selected that driver. Everything works except when you select a CT the Status for the colorName and colorTemperature show their correct values but after a couple of seconds they read null. Ex. if I type in 2700 for CT and hit the select, on the right side the Status for colorTemperature will read 2700 and colorName will read Soft White but after a couple seconds they both will read null.
So for the most part it works.

Weird.. Ok.. My multi-color will be in on monday.. I’ll get it working right

Great, thanks.

Lots of code cleanup today on the multi-white bulb.. Response time is faster now and I did some more work to match HE driver standards … I just received my multi-color bulb today.. Will work on that driver tonight..

Looking forward to using these bulbs. Thanks

@razorwing I think I got it … Test it out and let me know if you have any issues... So far the tests I'm putting it through it is working …

If all works out.. I’ll just do some code cleanup tomorrow

Everything seems to work. A slight delay when you put in a value on the device page and send it to the bulb before it changes, half a second or so. I had to select Set Color Temperature twice on the device page to get it to change a couple of times.

There is one issue with the colorName. See pic. It changes to Horizon and then in a couple seconds it goes to red, as in the pic.

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Ok.. I think I know what is causing that... My brain is fried for tonight.. Will work on it more tomorrow.. Thanks for the feedback

Welcome. Ok, one more thing, probably related. If you change the number in the Set Hue and send it to the bulb it doesn't respond until you send a 100 with the saturation and then send again on the set hue. Then the color changes.

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Ok.. Will check that too

Pushed an update to the multi-color code that fixes the reporting issues (transition between CT and RGB)

Ok, here is what I have found.

I set the hue number to 67 and sent it it to the bulb. The bulb went to a white. I then put in sat at 100 and the bulb went to red, not blue. I sent 67 again and this time it changed to blue.

Color window seems to work correctly because sat is also sent.

CT works fine and bulb responds immediately but status on device page changes about 5 sec. later. Not a control issue.

Going from color to white to color, bulb must be sent sat of 100 before it changes to a color because sat is showing a 0.0. Looks as if going from color to white is somehow resetting sat to 0. Like above I put in 67 or 33 and after sending sat of 100 it goes to red. Send hue again and it changes to the right color.

Hope this helps..

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Awesome thanks for the feedback .. This helps in narrowing down

May also be a limitation of the bulb... I wonder if saturation has to be 100 when changing color.. Their documentation doesn’t describe much...

If that is the case I can fix that by not using previous saturation and always going to 100 when hue set

Delay on reporting is because each color value is queried and reported individually .. I am researching a better way to speed that up