[Deprecated] Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan Controller Driver (King Of Fans)

We don’t have the ability to create component devices in hubitat yet. You can make a virtual switches for any of the fan speeds you would like to control. Then tie them together using Rule Machine and the custom commands feature. I haven’t had the time to set this up myself but I’m pretty sure it’s doable. Hopefully component child devices become available and I will redo this driver so it matches what we had in ST.

I’m not worried about the fan speeds so much but I’d like to have the light separate from the fan on a voice command.

Understood…but when you turn on the fan, I assume you want to turn it on at a certain speed. Fan Speed 1 would turn on at low, speed 2 medium etc. Off is self explanatory.

Yes, but there are times when I want the fan on but not the lights and sometime the lights on but not the fan. :slight_smile:

Each of the above commands are available in Rule Machine as Custom Commands. "Resume last" would also just turn on to the speed that the fan was on with last.

I realize this isn't best case scenario but it's what we have with the existing limitations of hubitat. It will take a bit more work to get some of the conveniences that we had in ST. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m trying to test out rule machine’s custom commands now.

Yes…and what I described in my first reply will accomplish that.

Sorry, maybe I’m blind but all your posts refer to fan speed. Nothing about setting the lights to be a separate voice command…

Ok…so there are a few things you would need to do. Unfortunately there might be a learning curve for some of this and I won’t be able to walk through all the steps with you but I can give a roadmap.

Assuming your fan is in the bedroom:

  1. Name your existing device Bedroom Fan Light (can be shared with Alexa for light voice control)
  2. Create a virtual switch and call it Bedroom Fan (or Bedroom Fan Low…or whatever will work for you in Alexa)
  3. Create a custom command in RM that executes fanSpeed1(), fanSpeed2 or whatever speed you woulld like your fan to come on at…you can create a virtual switch for each speed if you would like as well.
  4. Tie that custom command to the virtual switch turning on (in Rule Machine)
  5. Tie custom Command fanOff() to when the virtual switch is turned off
  6. Share with Alexa and enjoy separate control.
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Here's a quick cook up for RM that I just made for this. It might be inefficient logic because I'm not very familiar with RM yet...but it works.

Yeah, I’ve been playing with RM for an hour or so now. I was able to setup a basic fan on and fan off deal. I’ll get more complex once I have a better handle on RM. hah

Thanks for porting this over as a hubitat driver!

I like the additional commands too.

And best of all, on this hub even the custom driver runs locally!!


I think this is possible now with the latest hub firmware update :grin:.

Yessir. Hopefully I can find some time to update this soon.

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This file has been deprecated and moved to a new location. Original post updated with new location.
I will post new driver with component devices shortly.

New Driver:

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Have you made the 4 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat app for Hubitat?

Unfortunately, I have never used that app and had no hand in writing it. @dcoffing is your guy for this one.

Any chance on updatinf the 4 speed thermostat for HE?

I'm not sure if you are asking me (since you quoted me above) but again, this need to be addressed by the author. Feel free to create a new thread and ask him directly. Maybe some one in the community has already ported this app as well. A search might also yield answers.

Good luck,

I just saw this so sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on the boards because Hubitat has been purring along. :slight_smile: until I needed to do an over the air update to my Inovelli LZW36 Fan-Light switch.

Anyway I have not ported anything over from that old SmartThings app because of the wife acceptance factor. I ended up using the temp control that is built-in to the remote controller that my wife could understand and operate easily.
Universal Ceiling Fan Thermostatic Remote by Hampton Bay

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