[DEPRECATED] GE 26931 Motion Switch Driver (with triple tap override)

EDIT: This is deprecated, I would not use it. It is still on github for those that want to refer to it, though. The current version have many issues right now, though.

GE 26931 Motion Switch Driver
Modified version of the SmartThings GE 26931 Motion Switch device driver created by Michael Struck
(Original Author: Matt Lebaugh (@mlebaugh)).


  • Triple Tap ON within 10s to override OFF timeout setting. Put back to default after switch is turned OFF.
    - NOTE: Because zwave reports button presses slowly, the button presses must be no faster than ~1s each
    - NOTE: The motion detection counts as a button press too. So if motion triggered <10s ago, it
    may only take 2 button presses (instead of 3) to initiate override.
  • Triple Tap OFF to change mode REMOVED from the ST driver, as it caused issues in Hubitat.
  • All ON/OFF and Motion toggles create a State Change event
    - NOTE: This may may the motion sensor work in Motion Litghting apps now - untested. This sensor
    definitely did not work in Motion Lighting for me with the default driver.
  • All vendor parameters configurable from device details page - Switch modes (manual, vacancy, occupancy), motion timers, light sensor ON/OFF, motion sensor ON/OFF, motion sensor sensitivity


  1. Install Driver code in Hubitat
  2. Apply to GE 26931 device. Click save.
  3. Edit preferences, save preferences.
  4. Click Configure command button

Driver can be found on my GitHub

V1.0.5c - 01/13/19 - Initial Version

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Just installed and tested driver, the override is not working for me and there is no configure button anywhere on this driver, what I'm I doing wrong??, Any help would be appreciated..

EDIT: Looking deeper, I see the problem... This driver is broken. :smile: I wouldn't use it for now. Let me know if you really need the over ride, and I'll see if I can put it back in - definitely won't work as-is though. I've been thinking of re-doing this driver anyway, so maybe I'll make a version with over ride again - it isn't that hard to add in (but it also doesn't work that great either... lol).

If you go on github and click history and go back to v1.0.5c, that was the last version that had the override code in it. Not sure what else didn't work right in it, though.

Are you still working this? I am in the process of migrating from ST to HE and I have a number of these which had been using the ST version of this without issue. I would like to get the triple tap working.

Not trying to be pushy but just looking for your current thoughts or status on this.


Nope, that's why it is marked deprecated. I don't find the software based triple tap to work well enough to endorse others using it (on ST or Hubitat).

Feel free to take the driver as-is and fix/expand upon it as you will, though. EDIT: I'm not sure I have a copy of it any more - not on my github anyway. I'll look around.

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