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You are using 'or', so any condition will trigger the cog.

So, when you turn the light switch off - the cog checks the conditions and sees the motion sensor is active and turns the light back on.

Try keeping the motion sensor as the condition but put the switch in the helper (remove the motion from the helper).

For the second one, remove the motion from the helper. You never want the same devices in the condition and in the helper.

Then I would need to see a screenshot of your debug log. If the light isn't going out then something is still setting the conditions to true.

Hi @bptworld,
I think I have located the error Bryan and made two changes to the code.

Error is in Event Cog line 6071 where the if statement is looking for biControl == "Mode" when it should be "Switch_Profile". It will never get "Mode" as true so passes through to the final Else error and then on to a misformatted httpGet.

The Formatting of the GET variable to pass to the httpGet on line 6072 should perhaps be ordered as "User -> PW -> Profile" though I don't know if this is technically required as I dont understand enough of your code to figure out the httpGet formatting.
I am also not confident enough in GitHub to do the change there.

Can you please validate this and correct if this is the case.


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Description: Basement Lighting

***** Cog will fire when ANY Condition is true (Using OR)
- By Contact Sensor: [Basement Door] - ClosedOpen: true, ANDOR: true
- By Motion Sensor: [Iris Basement1, Iris Basement Ammo, Iris Bench1] - InactiveActive: true, ANDOR: true
- Condition Helper - Switches: [Basement Stairs] - Off/On: false

- Switches to turn On: [Basement Stairs, Basement z27, Bench Plug, Ino Bench]
- Dimmers to Set: [Basement z27] - On Level: 99 - Color: NA - Temp: NA
- True Reverse: true
- Reverse: 2 minute(s), after Conditions become false - Dim While Delayed: true - Dim After Delayed: false - Dim Length: 1 - Dim Level: 50
- Delay Between Actions: 100

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Description: Guest Room Motion or switch

***** Cog will fire when ANY Condition is true (Using OR)
- By Motion Sensor: [Iris Guest Room, Iris Guest Room2] - InactiveActive: true, ANDOR: true
- Condition Helper - Switches: [Guest Room] - Off/On: false

- Switches to turn On: [Guest Room]
- Dimmers to Set: [Guest Room] - On Level: 99 - Color: NA - Temp: NA
- True Reverse: true
- Reverse: 2 minute(s), after Conditions become false - Dim While Delayed: true - Dim After Delayed: false - Dim Length: 1 - Dim Level: 50
- Addtional Switches to Turn Off: [Closet Switch]
- Delay Between Actions: 100

They both still turn the lights right back on after pressing the switch off.

For the basement, the motion sensors have no visibility to the top of the stair switch. I think having the door stay open is triggering it back on. It's not triggering on the state change from closed to open and then "ignoring" the contact state, but rather taking action because it's left "open."

For the guest room, I pressed the switch through the cracked door like a cat so there's no way the motion sensor is detecting my arm.

I thought I could use this for room occupancy but the operation is just too unpredictable so I'm going to go back to another solution. I'm sure it's an elegant app for other uses but for room occupancy I can't seem to get it to function the way I expected it would.

Looking at the debug logging, there's just too much other stuff going on behind the scenes unrelated to just simple contact/motion logic.

New version...

Adjusted speak() to reflect the new parameters.

granted i am using an older versoin of this app anyway i had a similiar issue as yours i have a cog for lights on in the basement based on the door and a motion sensor.. but wanted them to be able to be turned off when someone comes up the stairs..

i solved it with an additional rule in rule machine with a delay to give this cog time to run and terminate when someone turns of the light switch at the top of the stairs and opens and closes the basement door,


New version on GitHub...

3.3.5 - 11/11/21 - Added support for the Ring Alarm Gen 2 Keypad using the Ring Alarm Keypad G2 Community Driver.

Supports ALL buttons including panic buttons and Alt codes!

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New version on GitHub...

3.3.6 - 11/21/21 - Fixed issue with sunset/sunrise end times

Another quick update...

3.3.7 - 11/21/21 - Mode Events turning switches on/off/dim can now use Reverse options

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Hi Bryan,

After doing the update to 3.3.7, I'm now getting this message in the logs

app:58332021-11-22 16:06:40.292 errorjava.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "98.83" on line 4284

most if not all of the Cogs do this. The error shows up right after the motion sensor goes to unoccupied it seams.

Here is a log:

dev:16042021-11-22 16:12:15.272 infohandleMeterReport() - deltaTime:120 secs, meterType:Electric, meterValue:688.634, previousMeterValue:688.634, scale:energy(0), unit: kWh, precision:3, rateType:1

dev:16032021-11-22 16:12:12.664 infoChauffe-Eau energy is 6385.653 kWh

dev:16032021-11-22 16:12:12.660 infoChauffe-Eau energyDuration is 735.2 Days

dev:26892021-11-22 16:12:06.670 infoMS Bureau Yannick: motion is inactive

app:52192021-11-22 16:12:01.542 errorjava.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "98.83" on line 4284

dev:48662021-11-22 16:11:51.166 infoMS Escalier Bas illuminance is 0 Lux

dev:49962021-11-22 16:11:50.008 infoMS Palier is inactive

dev:4812021-11-22 16:11:45.890 infoMS Marche: motion is inactive

dev:4812021-11-22 16:11:34.587 infoMS Marche: motion is active

dev:49962021-11-22 16:11:31.699 infoMS Palier is active

dev:30142021-11-22 16:11:29.917 debug{Sensor @ endpoint 8 has value 1.9 - ep=8 sp=1 Température de la piscine SensorMultilevelReport(precision:1, scale:0, sensorType:1, sensorValue:[0, 19], size:2, scaledSensorValue:1.9) }

dev:26892021-11-22 16:11:29.561 infoMS Bureau Yannick: motion is active


Show me your Cog Description and a debug log of it happening please

FYI: It's MUCH easier for devs to read screen shots of logs, as opposed to a text capture like you provided above. Example below:

Logs screen shot example

2021-11-22 07_08_58-Logs

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There you go:

Thanks for the suggestion @danabw

I think I need a fresh set of eyes, I can't seem to figure what I'm missing. I'm trying to write a cog to turn on my garage light with a zone motion controller consisting of 2 motion sensors. I have had this as a Motion Lighting rule for about a year and am moving it into Event Engine.
The problem is I can't get it to turn the light on.
If I have this toggle set this way, it stays on and shuts off with motion.

If I reverse the toggle, it doesn't work at all.

Here is my cog,

Does anyone see what I'm missing here or have any suggestions?

Motion toggle should be On if you want the light to come on when there is motion.

The issue with the cog is that you have selected 'ALL' instead of 'OR'. Which means all motion sensors selected have to be active for the light to come on. Change that to 'OR', so the light will come on if any of the sensors are active.

Another Note:
By Motion Sensor - Looks like you are using a zone and then you also selected other motion sensors. Are these sensors in the zone? If so, you only need to select the zone and not the individual sensors. If they are not included in the zone, then it's fine to select as many sensors as you want/need.

Hope this helps.

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Hello, I have a single bulb (hue) on my front porch and would like to automatically rotate colors between red and green for Christmas. I’ve installed Event Engine and Lighting Effects apps but am confused on how to actually accomplish my task with those apps.
I’ve tried searching the community but cannot find any tutorials or guides.

Any help would be great.

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You only need Lighting Effects for that. Just follow the selections one at a time, it pretty self explanatory.

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I’m confused. Is Lighting Effects a separate App than Effects Engine?

Edit: I couldnt find the Lighting Effects App in Hubitat Package Manager so I installed the code manually from your Github.


So like this?

Yes, My thought was for redundancy, in case the zone didn't pick up the motion they would trigger secondarily as a backup. I have removed the individual sensors.

Here is the cog as it is this morning.

Finally got it working. Turns out the batteries in one of the sensors were dead, and the zone was set so that both sensors needed to pick up the motion. Changed the batteries and changes that set to one.

Thanks again for your help.

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Ended up here after following the evolution of the "gentle wake up" and "wake me up" apps. The latter was deprecated after being rolled up into Event Engine. So, I installed EE but have not been able to locate the functionality these two apps offered...

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Depends on what you're looking to do but you can do something like this:

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I have a new head-scratcher. I have a cog to dim our bedroom lights from 40% to 5% over 30 minutes beginning at 2000. It fires off and dims ok, but for some reason when it triggers it momentarily goes to full brightness, then goes back to 40% (where it starts from) then begins to slowly dim. Does anyone have any ideas why?

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