[DEPRECATED] Echo Speaks

Ahh, got it working! Thanks

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Awesome App thanks. Dumb question, is there a simple 'chime' sound available?

I just made a test announcement with a empty string. Good enough!

Noob here, attempting to install in Hubitat. Have added both the device (assuming driver code), and the apps code, have oauth secrets, but am getting this error code when running the installer - any ideas as to what I'm missing, forgot to do?

Error: No signature of method: app1550454886556418611033.image() is applicable for argument types: (org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.GStringImpl) values: [https://cdn.rawgit.com/tonesto7/st-community-installer/master/images/welcome.png] Possible solutions: main([Ljava.lang.String;), isCase(java.lang.Object), wait(), mainPage(), any(), wait(long)

Here's what I hope is a simple question. In RM, I want to program a morning sequence where I push a button and a series of things happens including playing a station or playlist from Spotify. How would I go about that?

@napalmcsr did you get it working on hubitat? Can you provide any help in terms of the steps you went through on Hubitat to get it working?

Writing this from work, but it is something like this:

  1. go to post 86 and click on the link CWWilson08 provided.
  2. log into amazon in that link.
  3. wierd file shows up, copy to notepad
  4. go to one of your new echo devices in hubitat
  5. find the executeroutineid in the device
  6. search the notepad file for the routine you want. there will be a couple routine ids for that routine. I kept trying the different ones until I got it to work. The logs show an error if you don't get a good routineid.
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Installed to Hubitat using the provided instructions. Working great so far. Great job.

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Hi all. My hub has been very slow lately and the only way to resolve my issue is to reboot it. Others are suggesting a custom app or driver as the culprit. The only 2 custom apps and drivers I have are Homecloudhub and echo speaks. Has anyone else had issues with their hub slowing down after installing echo speaks?

Nope. Echo Speaks not likely the culprit.

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Out of sheer curiosity how many echo devices do you have in your home?

I have 3 echos connected to echo speaks but I have 6 Alexa device in total on the same network.

3 echos
2 cubes
1 fire tablet

I am getting the same logs. Have you found a fix?

@napalmcsr - just getting back to this. I'm lost at number 4, 'go to one of your devices in hubitat', 5 find the executeroutineid in the device. Thus far, I only have the one device in hubitat, I've only added the zwave tilt sensor at this point directly in hubitat. I can see in the logs that there are other devices that hubitat seems to know about from alexa, but they are not listed as devices in hubitat. What am I missing?

  1. Go to the new Echo speaks device and find executeroutineid

This makes it so you can run echo routines.

I created a Routine in the Alexa App to take a voice input and then play back the traffic and weather. I went through the process listed above but I don't see any "routine" IDs in my text editor. I have a couple of sequence IDs. Did I do something wrong?

@napalmcsr - gotcha - that makes sense now that I've read it over a few times. I've found the executeRoutineId(string rID) at line 1464 in the Echo Speaks Device. And based on @homeauto2112 comments, I see plenty of sequence IDs, but nothing called out as 'routine' IDs. Once we find an ID that meets the criteria, are we pasting that ID in the device code somewhere? I'm reading lots of stuff, but my later years are slowing me down a bit.

try the automation ID, you don't enter it into the code, but as an argument.

I test it from the echo device as the value you add under the button for executeroutineid.

After that I created a custom command in rule machine that I could use by rules.

Many thanks for this amazing app. I have just installed it and have a few things talking to me.
I don't see a way to enable/disable debug logging in the Echo Speaks app. My logs are full of debug log messages.

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it is the automationid that comes before the routine.

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Woww! Just installed this little nugget! So impressed! This opens up so many possibilities! Thanks for all the hard work in making this happen!

I do have one quick question what exactly is the trackImgHtml attribute for?