[Deprecated] BI Control - Local Blue Iris control

My schedules are off as I’m using HE and google with BI integration to change profiles. What is temp time and until triggered? I’ve seen them but wasn’t sure what they do!

You want BI Tools


I set temp time to zero on all and it seems to work now, thanks.

Is there a reason Profile 0 is not selectable from BI Control?

Is profile 0 the Inactive profile?


Try new version...

2.1.2 - 04/15/21 - Added Profile 0

I can't seem to get my BI profile to change based on mode. I created a child app and assigned the mode to the correct profile but when changing modes in Hubitat BI does not respond. I made sure to follow the instructions in the BI Control app. I'm probably missing something simple. Anyone want to point me in the right direction?

Would need to see a debug log of the mode changing.

Have you disabled the use secure session keys and login page on the advanced webserver settings in BI?

So I'm a complete idiot... I had the BI app pointed to the wrong IP. BI and HE were on the same machine but because of CPU usage I moved BI to an extra PC I had laying around but I forgot to change the IP in the app. I noticed it when looking at the logs you requested so thanks for jogging my memory. It's working perfectly now.

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First, thank you for this great app! I've used BI for years and this app has been invaluable.

I've recently added some door and motion sensors and started experimenting with HSM. Is there a way to have the app set a BI profile or schedule based on HSM status (armed night, armed away, ect.)? I tried using rule machine and a virtual switch, but I kept running into edge cases and couldn't quite figure out the logic.

You normally set HSM based on modes and BI Control is designed to set the BI profile based on modes, so I'd suggest using RM or Mode Manager to set the modes as desired.

I've actually started to add BI Control to Event Engine. Once done, you'll be able to trigger on just about anything. Stay tuned!


BI Control has been added to Event Engine. Please give it a try!


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Wow! Thanks for integrating this! So far, I've reproduced all of my BI Control children involving cameras and they work well. I was unable to find an option to set the overall BI profile or schedule (future update?) but I'm really excited for the potential that EE brings.

Wow, cool. I hadn't actually bothered putting this in a dash but it's so cool to have it, thx for that!
Not sure why the image tile works as opposed to the video tile, but I'll take it.

Now that I'm hooked, I'd like to use it from a cloud dash too, but that doesn't seem to work as the URL is obviously based on a LAN IP. Is there any way to get this working?
I assumed the only way would be to make the camera publicly accessible (No authentication) and to use the URL based on the public IP (so would only be good for driveway cams and the likes) but that still only works on the local dash for some reason... Once I use the cloud dash, video doesn't work and the tile just shows the background img.
Any thoughts?

I keep discovering so much in this thread! :grin:
The AI capability is awesome @Terk, thx so much for that. Just hope it works with my old 3.56.03 version which I kind of doubt :joy:
I'll give it a shot though.

I've had this BI integration app on my HE for so long now and never did anything with it. Really keen to see if it all works on my version now as it will breath new life into my BI setup given that I can use the power of HE to really do what I wanted to do with BI.
For example, only start recording once a person has been identified who triggered my door contact sensor without a geofence device on him, This as opposed to starting only movement based recordings. Thx for the great work @bptworld!

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Yup, I'll get them added soon in Event Engine.

The AI Tools version of the DeepStack Integration may have a chance of working with an older version of BI the native BI integration didn't happen until version 5.4 though. There have been a lot of changes recently that would make paying for the new version worth it to me.

What you're wanting to do with recording should be possible with BI and HE, I haven't tried though as I have most of my cameras record 24/7 but only alert in certain HE modes, I also have a few cameras that don't record or alert when we're home but record 24/7 and alert when we're away, but I haven't tried tying them to an HE contact as a trigger but you should be able to do that with an http get command that triggers the camera.

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