[Deprecated] App Watchdog 2

I have installed this app and have set it up to show this app to see if I had it working correctly. I could see that there was an update available for the parent, child and driver so using your instructions I was able to update all 3. The dashboard tile shows all up to date. Now how do we get the json links for other authors? thanks

As you can see in the first 3 posts, I've offered this to all developers. All that is needed is a json file on their GitHub. For most developers this would take less than 10 minutes to set up. So far none have come onboard. If any developer did, the link would be in post #2.

Same goes for the User Apps & Drivers Wiki - www.hubitatapps.com. There are tons of posts that a wiki for apps and drivers was needed, so I made one. There are a few developers that put stuff on there (very much appreciated) but many many more have not. I can see that it does get traffic, but wish there was a lot more apps and drivers on there.

As always, I'm open for suggestions. :grin:

The fact that this isn't an official app feature developers will keep into their own guns.

The reality is that developing, natively, a generic function to allow automatic updates should not be difficult. But probably not advisable at the moment IMHO.

The way I see it:
is a new section on HE called Updates
Than two sub sections (table?!) That lists apps and drivers and if there is an update available. If available and you click update it will automatically update the app for either production or beta.

Function for driver/app:
On app/driver current version
Github production link
Github beta link

Function on HE App to check updates:
For each element (app/driver)
Check version on Github for beta and production and compare with installed.
If versioning number above current version display update.
Run once at determined time or on demand.

When update available and on user request replace app/driver code with the import/save function.

Thanks. I see where your json link is the only one. It would be nice if others would include theirs. But it is up to them. App works great though.


New version on Github...

V1.1.1 - 03/31/19 - Added simplified dashboard tile back to app

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Here is my JSON file for this app.


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existing json files (Cobra) worked as is :smiley: :smiley:

I added your link to the Masterlist.


New to Hubitat. I tried copying and pasting the code into Hubitat from Hubitat/Apps/App Watchdog at master ยท bptworld/Hubitat ยท GitHub

I was able to create the parent App and the Driver. But when I try to create the child I get a error 404

when I click on the Add a new 'app Watchdog' child I get the 404 error

Did you install the child app? You'll need to install all 3 items in that folder.

Yes I missed that. What happens when trying do to crap at 2 AM

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Major update to App Watchdog... Introducing V2!

Each app will now 'talk' to App Watchdog, sending the version info directly to AW and then checked against Github to see if there is an update available!

*** All BPTWorld Apps have been updated to be v2 compliant. Look for version 2.x.x of each app! This was a HUGE undertaking so please report any typos that may have gotten in. Thanks ***

V2.0.0 - 08/18/19 - Now App Watchdog compliant

After much testing and consulting with @aaron, App Watchdog 2 is now ready for prime time! Thanks again to Aaron for all his help with this. Both of our gitHubs are now available to be used with this app.

All developers are welcome to take a look and join in. Thanks

V2.0.7 - 08/26/19 - Bug fixes


New version on Github.

V2.0.8 - 08/27/19 - Found a typo, added optional Paypal link to Developers page.

New version...

V2.0.3 - 08/27/19 - add a 'Clear Data' option, Minor code changes

V2.0.9 - 08/27/19 - Fixed another typo

New version...

V2.1.0 - 08/28/19 - Found a big bug in Developer 1 selection

Trying to add new child driver and getting the following:

No signature of method: Script1.definition() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.LinkedHashMap) values: [[name:App Watchdog 2 Drivers Child, namespace:BPTWorld, author:Bryan Turcotte, ...]]

It's a child app.

Edit: I installed the app earlier this week, and did the same thing!

New versions on Github...

Please update Parent app, 2 child apps and the driver.