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I'm sorry, but this integration does not provide instant status updates for changes that are made locally on the Tasmota device. I just installed it and tested it and when I turn my Sonoff basic on or off with the button, the status is not immediately updated in Hubitat. Only when the device is polled, which is done every 5 minutes, does the switch attribute update in Hubitat. This might not be a big issue for some, but it is for me. And it would be a huge issue if you are using it on a device like a light-switch. The other integrations with the custom fork of Tasmota provide instant status updates for local, on-device changes because that custom firmware creates a method where the device performs an HTTP call to the hub when there is any change. So, the device status is updated.

There have been many versions of the drivers out there to have one-way control of Tasmota devices. That is nothing new. It's simply an HTTP call to the device to turn it on or off. What I don't understand is this....if you're going to go through the trouble of flashing your device with Tasmota, what difference does it make if you use the stock Tasmota or the one that is designed to work with Hubitat?

This might be useful for something like the IR bridge, that only has a one-way information flow.

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