Denon AVR control?


Is anyone able to set the volume of the receiver via Rule Machine? Setting the volume from the device page works but it does not work when setVolume is called via Rule Machine 4.0 or 3.0. The logs do indicate that the rule machine has triggered the setVolume action but nothing changes. Any ideas?

2019-08-05 12:21:43.512 am [info] Action: setVolume(60) on Denon AVR-3500H

2019-08-05 12:21:43.481 am [info]set denon volume: became True

2019-08-05 12:21:43.474 am [info] Denon AVR-3500H mediaInputSource(Input 2) = Input 2 [true]


I can set the volume with RM 4 on my Marantz that uses this driver.


@cstory777 If you don't mind, can you please show me your rule setup? I tried to make the rule as simple as this: Trigger Event: Denon AVR mediaInputSource = Input 2
Action : Set Volume to 60

This triggers the rule when I change the input but does not set the volume even though the log message says so.

Would appreciate any help!



In your rule select the action "Set Mode or Variables, Run Custom Action". Under "Select Which Action" choose "Run Custom Action". For "Select capability of action device" I just chose "switch" and then selected my Marantz as the device. For "Select custom command" choose "setVolume", "parameter type" should be "number" and "integer value" should be the volume you want to set it to. Then click "Done with this action". That's it.


Thanks @cstory777 for the instructions! I replicated the same on my end and I couldn't make it work. The rule gets triggered when input changes to "Input 2" but the volume does not change.

I noticed that we can add a delay to the action so I tried setting a delay of 5 seconds and that worked luckily. I guess the setVolume command was being ignored by the receiver while it was working on changing the input.


That's very possible. My rule doesn't do anything else with my Maranatz other than lower the volume after 10pm. Glad the delay worked for you.


@mike.maxwell Looking back you introduced the Onkyo and Denon drivers in the 2.0 release in November 2018. It would be awesome to see Zone 2 support for both drivers. Any chance that is on your short list? I have both brand receivers and happy to work with you if you need a beta tester.


Testing isn't the issue right now.


:slightly_frowning_face: maybe that means more cool stuff coming and not that you are slammed fixing broken things. :slight_smile:


@mike.maxwell Just an upvote for additional function, particularly powering on and off Zone 2.
Thanks much for this. It has helped me become a hubitat devotee and I'm about to by a second,