Deleting Pushover notification history via HE - possible?

I don't think it's possible to delete the notification history programmatically but thought I'd ask anyway. I have cam snapshots sent to my phone and over time the image attachments are no longer sent due to using up whatever storage space pushover allocates to the account. ATM I go into the phone app to delete the history but it would be nice to be able to auto clear it every week or so.

The Pushover Messaging API does not support deleting messages.

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Pity, manual it remains :slightly_frowning_face:

There is a max messages to keep setting in pushover which would limit stuff. I mean, really, do you need more than 50 or a 100 messages in history?

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It's not the message number which I never exceed.

As I get quite a few image based notifications, it doesn't take many notifications (prob about 20-30) until the images exceed whatever storage space is allocated. When that happens no images get sent from that point on until the history is deleted. Although that's a good point to limit the messages in the settings.