Deleting Duplicate Conditions

After two years, I just discovered the 'Manage Conditions' button and WOW, that is way easier than directly editing Conditional Actions.

But now I have a question - If I have three identical Conditions, does it matter which two I delete?


After you delete two of them, you might find some of your condition statements that were using them are now blank, and you should be able to edit them and then select the condition you did not delete. Not sure, but this is a good guess as to what will happen. Should always make a backup of the rule first.

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Probably. What @jtp10181 said is a way to deal with it. They are created in order. As you create Conditional Actions you always have the choice to use an existing Condition, instead of creating a new one.

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It appears Simple Conditional Actions prompt for 'capability or Action Condtion' rather than presenting the list of Conditions.

Therefore, if you create two Simple Conditional Actions with the same Condition, you will end up with duplicate Conditions in your list.

No, it does offer to use existing Conditions (the UI is a little different). The toggle Use defined condition is offered:

I missed the 'Use defined condition?' switch, sorry.