Deleting Child Device _ within Bond Device - How to?

I have successfully been able to integrate my fans within Hubitat. However, as I was working through each fan, there were some unsuccessful attempts. Several of the attempts created child devices that are not real.

When I go to the child device, the "remove device" button is greyed out. I saw that some others were using special code to handle this. Alas, I am not capable of programming detailed code at this point. Does anyone have suggestions for how to delete these child devices?

I will be grateful for any ideas to work through this.

Be well!

Success! I discovered that once I add a name to the device, the "remove device" button is no longer grayed out and I can delete it. I am all set.

I hope this may also help others.



One clarification. The key change that made the "remove device" button on the child device appear was saving the device. As soon as the device was saved once, the "remove" button appeared.

That is actually a bug in the UI, since the child is created as a component the Name entry box and Remove button should be disabled even after saving. The "label" can be filled in by the user.

Here is the way to delete it that I posted before, without this bug being present: Bond Integration built-in app. How to remove device? - #10 by jtp10181

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