Delays: Please add a random option

Hi @bravenel,
In RM, the possibility to set delay's on things are great. I like to add a random time to things like lights etc, to make them appear more "live" or at least controlled by someone, not a machine.

Currently it works well to set the delay and cancel if desired - when the delay is added on it's own. But I would kindly ask for an optional random element to be added to the delay you can can enable within the actions. That way one would always know the minimum delay, and have the option for additional, random time, should that be desired.

This is just an example, but would be nice to have a random option here as well;
Please at least consider it... :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Sunset is a little random. Sunset +- 45 or whatever target you want

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Agree, but if triggered by motion and you want it to turn off after 3 + r minutes. Not always related to the sun

Maybe use variable math to make a global random generator you could use on anything.

Yes, there are probably many ways to work around this, but have it as explained above would IMHO be neat.

Not arguing against just giving some options till the big brains get time to take a look.


And those are much appreciated, don't get me wrong... :wink:


I believe you are describing the current alternative to what I am asking for... In the example below there is no option for random time...

which is what I am asking for.

It's there. It's part of the Delay Actions, not the individual action delays. But, you can get it do what you want. It selects a random time up to the max time selected:

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Well, If I create another line with the Delay Actions, so not really the same thing...

It accomplishes the same thing. Before it was possible to add a delay to basically all individual actions, the “delay actions” action was how you would do it.

Well, agreed about that. But why not simply add the feature to an already established delay function built in? I would be surprised if they don't already call the same code to set the actual delay...

Because using a random delay is a fairly rare thing, so don't burden a frequently used UI element with something only used rarely, when the rare need has a solution that works. No, the code is entirely separate... It's all about balancing UI issues, with code complexity, with needed functionality.


Great, thanks.

When I wanted a random delay between 10 and 30 minutes I did-
Wait random 20 mins
Followed by
Turn off light - delayed 10 mins.
This gives the random delay I want.

Might work for you.


i use vacation lighting director for stuff like that .. it has the random built in.


That was a new one for me... Will have a look, thanks!

Yeah, thanks. That is what I use also. Just thought it'd be a bit tidyer code if baked into the action itself. But its fine, works great as is too.. Just have to check if - all my questions can't possibly evaluate to false, hopefully. :slight_smile:

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