Delayed Actions - Timed Actions - Wait

Hi All
i need to learnd how to use this
To improve my programming ability :slight_smile:
What is the correct way and condition to use it?

Thenonly i understand is :
delayed ---> x (cancellable) Cancel delayed action. maybe


Cancel Timed Actions cancels Periodic, all Delayed Actions, Repeated Actions, Dimmer Fade, Wait for Events and Wait for Conditions and can be applied to This Rule or any other rule.

Cancel Delayed Actions cancels anything in the current rule that has a delay selected to be cancelable.

Since Waits are canceled when rule is retriggered, I haven't found a good use case for Cancel Wait.

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It should be noted that you can also use a "Delay" action (the standalone type, not a delay on an action), and in this case, execution will indeed pause at that spot. So, it's kind of like a "Wait for event: elapsed time," except it must be explicitly cancelled if that is the behavior that you want.

Good explanation of all the options!

Personally, I've started to use "Waits" more. "Delays" have been there since the beginning and a lot of people use them more, possibly for that reason (and that there are more of them in examples/documentation), but I find the automatic cancellation to almost always be what I want, so it's easier to just use a "Wait" when possible. A recent RM update made "Wait for event: elapsed time" either possible or at least more discover-able (I forget what it was like before), so that's helped, too.


Emmm sorry i don't understand

what is the purpose?