Delay on lights off not working


I am new to Rule Machine.

I created this rule to only work at night and only when 2 lights "switches" are off (not to interfere with other automation with these 2 lights "switches")

The light "switches" do come on, but do not turn off after 10 minutes. Wait seem more appropriate than delay, but not sure how to program that.

Personally, I would remove the Required Expression and create an IF conditional statement in the Actions to Run section with the same logic.


Although this is my personal choice and I think both should work!

Thank you and that's fair. The lights actually come on appropriately, they just do not turn off in 10 minutes, or at all for that matter.

Just to check on how you want the rule to work:

1/ Do you want the delay irrespective of how long the Sliding Door is Open or only after it closes?

I don't see any reason for this not working unless the sliding door is opening and closing multiple times and so re-triggering the rule. Have you enabled logging of the rule and then checked the logs?

correct, irrespective on how long the door is opened or if it actually closes.

Effectively, i have another rule that turns on & off the outside lights at designated times at night. Often I need to let my dog out after the lights go out at that designated time.

The pattern is this slider opens to let the dog out and then immediately closes. 3-5 minutes later the door opens again to let the dog in and then the door closes. Inevitably, i always forget to turn the light out when the dog comes back in.

I did switch that delay to a wait for 10 mins.. My hopes is that will fix it! :slight_smile:

One advantage to a WAIT FOR is it will get canceled if the rule runs again, which may be the behavior you want.