Delay nightmode in mode manager

Hi people of the Hubitat forum, I would like to know if someone can help me out with the following.

I have (except for the living room) all my lights automated with Hubitat, almost all with motion and luminance (bedroom with a button, don’t know how to automate yet). The ultimate goal is to have everything fully automated, working on that. most rules look at the mode manager what to do when (motion/luminance) .

Now when night mode kicks in at 23:59 the night rules kick in, most lights won't start when motion is triggered or will only go on 10%.
I would like to delay night mode when we are still in the living room at 23:59 or after (with guests of for other reasons) and stay in evening mode till we go to bed or haven’t been in the living room for x amount of time. is this possible? and how do i do this?

another thing, when night mode is triggered at 23:59 lights that have been triggered just before that time won’t go off by itself, because the rule turning them stops then night mode came on, i now have made a simple rule turning of those lights at 23:59 as failsafe, it works but there has to be a more elegant solution!?

Regards Rik

I've found that motion controlled lights that are on before the mode change will stay on until there motion timeout which is fine for me when staying up late - as long as i keep triggering the motion sensor. I can also set the mode to what I want with a dashboard tile. Perhaps you can setup a virtual switch and/or button and/or Alexa routine to 'set mode back to evening'.

Look at event engine. I use that for exactly this case. You will.notice my delay is one minute but you can use any amount. I have it at one minute as I also have a motion aggregation zone which already has a 10 minute delay.
It is more efficient for the hub to put the delay in the motion aggregation as then the rule doesn't have to continually fire and check status.

With me when mode changes when lights are on, the lights will stay on.... Thats why I made a extra rule to turn them off at 23:59

Thanks!!! I'll look into this and report back :grimacing::metal:


I found the app, also found Room dirtector, this makes so many things possible !! it will take me some time to change all my automations but am going to do this!

Also have the idea this will bring me further automating my living room and bedroom.