Delay for intrusion alert not working

#1 Hubitat user. I have HSM configured and working the way I would like it except for the delay on intrusion alerts. When I open a door the system immediately goes into alert mode (sends me text, turns on lights, and plays text on Sonos) even though I have it set to delay alerts for 30 seconds. I have a couple of buttons programmed to disarm the system and cancel the alerts. Those work as intended. It is just the delay that is not working for me. Can someone more knowledgable than me on Hubitat please review my config and let me know if you see anything obviously wrong? Thanks


When you say "a door" I assume you mean the FRONT DOOR? That is the only one that is configured to be delayed. Anything else should instantly trigger.


Correct. Just the Front door. Now the weird thing I just figured out is that the alert delay works for Armed Away mode but it does not work for Armed Night mode. When in Armed Away mode it gives me 30 seconds to cancel the alerts. When is Armed Night mode it immediately sends alerts, turns on the lights, plays Sonos.


I'm not seeing anything obviously wrong.

I will take a card out of the hubitat support playbook and suggest you delete all the HSM rules, remove HSM, reinstall HSM, and re-make the rules and see if that fixes it.

If it doesn't, submit an email to support, or post on here again and copy @bravenel, as he is the HSM guru on the Hubitat side.


OK thanks. I will try that.


If you re-create them, maybe start simple - without all the bulbs, etc, as a quick test first.


First of all, check the system log whats going on when you open the door.


Took your advice and deleted HSM, rebooted hub, re-installed HSM and recreated the rules in a simplified version (removed all the bulbs). Still no luck, same behavior as before. Armed Away works as expected giving a 30 second alert delay. Armed Night does not give the 30 second delay as programmed; it alerts immediately when in Armed Night mode. Help @bravenel. Thanks guys.


Bug found. Fix in the next release.


So if you look at the event log you can see when armed-night is triggered it immediately alerts and when armed-away is triggered an intrusion delay is enabled.




Good catch!

And quick confirmation/fix from Bruce!


I think I found another bug. The delay for alerts is working however HSM is applying it to multiple doors even though I only have on door checked (mud room door). The front door is delaying alerts for 30 seconds even though I do not have it checked to do so.


I'll look into that.