Delay and repeat timing error in RM4. What am I doing wrong?


This is a new rule for my garage door open/closed actions. I'm just testing it at the moment with a virtual contact sensor.

Everything works as I expected so far apart from the delay and repeat times for the Sonos announcement. I want it to wait for 15 minutes after the door opens, then (if the door has not closed in the meantime) repeat an announcement every 15 minutes until the door shuts.

But the delay was actually 4 minutes before the first announcement and then just under 11 minutes for the repeat. I'm obviously doing something wrong but I can't see what it is.


First of all, you want to change your second IF to be an Else If of the first. That way you either get one or the other rather than having two IF statements. Also, neither your repeat or your delay are subject to cancellation. So, odd are that they will begin repeating forever and the delay will be unable to be canceled. So, the delay you are seeing being over at 5:01 was most likely from a previous execution of the rule that was not canceled because you missed the cancellation on the delay.


Thanks Ryan. That was it - the delay wasn't subject to cancellation and I had just been testing it earlier so the delay was no doubt from that. I've also changed it to Else for the contact closed section to tidy that up. :+1: