Defining a greater than > less than < range?

I was working on this rule yesterday as a reply, but had run out of time.

I figured I'd finish it since I was 90% complete :slight_smile:

The first two IF statements could be combined into an OR statement, but being split up it's a heck of a lot easier to edit (my 2 cents anyways)


If the harmony is not off (Harmony is doing an activity) : turn fan off
else if the temp < 70 : turn fan off (too cold)
else if the temp > 74 : turn fan on high (get some air going!)
else (TV is off, temp is 70-74) : have fan on medium-high

I'd suppose the first IF could be "If Harmony Hub-PowerOff = OFF" then turn off fan, but I always fear that after a reboot or power outtage that things like the Harmony won't set that PowerOff activity to "on" by default (it probably doesn't), so with the double negative it covers if no activity is active (including the "off" activity).

@morningz. That is brilliant? Thank you so much. I will go the shorter route for sure. What I have is a monster to edit.

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For sure, nested ifs are tough to edit in the Rule Machine interface lol

Without a doubt. Hate those drop downs and all the jumping around. Would rather just write the rule!

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