Default TTS Voice not working for me

Hi i have been using butons to trigger Echo Speaks to say thing in a different voice for a while now. But i have noticed you can select the default tts voice in settings

This would simplify things a-lot.
Having done this I still get the default Alexa voice.
What am I missing?

Echo Speaks does not utilize Hubitat’s native TTS engine. For that, you’ll need to use a natively supported TTS device like a Sonos or IKEA Symfonisk speaker.


You can use different voices with echo speaks. It requires you to send the ssml commands.

There are examples in the Echo Speaks threads and its documentation.

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Thanks, I already to this and trigger it with buttons from rule machine. I was hoping to do it directly in RM. It's a pity RM does not allow markup when you pass values to custom actions.

webcore or your own app can do this.

I'm fairly certain I use the voices with Google minis, at least with announcements through Nyckelharpa app
and BTW Amy left with Brexit :grinning:

Just validated, using the chromecast audio allows me to drive my google mini with the default hubitat voices

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