Decoding log entries

Please decode this entry: parse:zw device: 0F, command: 2603, payload: 14 14 00 , isMulticast: false

That's a fragment of a debug log indicating the z-wave radio communicating with device 0F using a "unicast" packet. Couldn't tell you more without knowing what device 0F is.

I guess to directly answer the question: 0F is the Z-Wave node ID (whatever your hub assigned), 2603 is the command class and command (Switch Multilevel and a Switch Multilevel report), and 14 14 00 is the payload data (normally indicating the percent/level for something like a dimmer, but this would depend on your particular device, and that's an unusual payload for what I'm thinking of). These numbers are all hex.

But normally, you do not need to know this, as the driver will parse anything meaningful into an event, and that will likely get logged as an "info" message (if descripionText logging is also enabled) around the same time. Debug logging is not indicative of a problem. It is enabled by default for 30 minutes for new devices, then automatically self-disables (for stock drivers; custom code may vary).

Is there a problem you are actually trying to solve?

No, just curious. I see a lot of these and wonder if there is a problem.

Normally, disabling the "Enable debug logging" setting in the driver will stop them from showing. (Again, normally with stock drivers; if you're using a custom driver, options or behavior may vary, but then you would have access to the code and could just do it there if needed.)

Their mere appearance isn't a problem, but if the frequency is excessive (several per second? one every few seconds? no hard rules...), there might be something worth looking into.