Dead hubitat and ditto home

Hello there
Came home and there was a red marking in the Hubitat app. It suggested, since I had 1511 m “of something” I don not rember.
However a back up, sw downgrade and upgrade still result in the same window

Contact to support only gave me a standard reply.

I can up and downgrade, but not make it run.
Anny suggestions, I have ordered a new, but it will take some time before I see it.

Any suggestions

Have you tried going to http://IP:8081 then do a soft reset then try restoring a previous backup? Usually the device will retain the nightly backups which so you can restore the latest or on you have backed up manually.


10000000000 times thanks, it is working again.
Soft reset did the trick.
I did try it in the beginning, but from my Ipad, this time from my pc.

But from the beginning, what was the problem.
I have about 170 units and still counting.
I tend to think that including more philips hue bulbs, but no philips bridge, stresses the unit more and more, specially when I try to make sceenes, which are just malfunctioning big time

Thanks again, you just made my day :smiley::smiley::smiley:

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Using zll bulbs with zha items will crap out the system. They should not be sharing the same zigbee network

Glad got it going again. In the past 3 years or so I've had my DB corrupt once on it's own and once during a firmware upgrade, and I once noticed nothing was working but the system was completely online looking brand new (like it had done a soft reset on it's own) each time the soft reset and restore fixed it.

Is the solution two hubitats? Or can I buy some other bulbs?
I have been googling but it seems to be quite complex

I would recommend getting a Hue hub and putting all your Hue bulbs on it. Then use the Hue Bridge Integration available as a built-in App.

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I suspect the first step should be to post a list of all the bulbs you have, the people can make a better recommendation. Some bulbs play together nice, some don't. Fix could be Hugh hub, Lutron hub, replacing a lot of bulbs or an addition Hubitat to share the load. All have plus and minuses but without more info, hard to recommend most cost effective solution,

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This is what I do as I had hue and other LL lamps so the bridge didn't work. But I would follow @rich.princeau advice and let us know what you have 1st.

I use a hue bridge for all my shitty zll bulbs (cree, hue, osram

I have about 170 devices, so a list will be quite a job :smiley:
However, price is not really the matter (sounds good😖) the real issue is to get a good and stable solution.
In panic, I ordered an extra c7 yesterday so I think that splitting it up in two networks, zll and zla will be the best

  1. How to tell which of my devices is what, philips hue bulbs is easy, but what about philips motion sensors. Manufacteres homepages do not offer much information regarding zll and zla. What does zla mean, I only managed to google zll.

  2. Having two c7’s will they apear and work together in the same app, or will it take some switching around.

Thanks to all for chiming in, it is very much appreciated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the USA we are limited to which bulbs will pair to the Hue hub. In the UK you have many more options

It's usually just the bulbs. The other hue devices, motion sensors, switches, seem to be fine on the HE with other zigbee.
You need to determine what bulbs are ZLL by going to zigbee alliance and look at the network type of the bulb. Keep all ZLL together on one hub, do not add ZHA bulbs to that hub, only ZLL

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I had the opposite experience.


If they are new and ZigBee 3.0 that's easier as they have a QR code. So if you have any of them they can go on your "good hub".

All osram lamps are either LL or ZigBee 3.0 so if they don't have a QR they are LL.

All Philips are LL

What other manufacturers do you have it was that we were asking rather than listing all your lamps.

ZLA is nothing I think your looking for ZigBee HA1.2 , that's what Hubitat uses and most devices that are not lamps used it before ZigBee 3.0 . The latest standard is 3.0 and it's has all previous profiles in as well as other and standardized ZigBee. This means a ZigBee 3.0 device will work with all systems.

Rule of thumb all lamps other than known ZigBee 3.0 ones go on your "naughty hub" and everything else goes on the good hub.

Yeah there is a great built in system called hub mesh. This allows you to select devices on one hub and share them to another. Then then exist on the other as if they were created on it. In your case you would share all or if you had groups of lamps, you would create the group on the bad hub and share the group to the other. That way you can still use ZigBee group message's.