Dead hub?

It appears I have a dead hub. I purchased it back in 2019 when the C7 first came out, but never got around to trying it out.

All I get when I plug it in is a blue light. (have waited 15 hours)

AP isolation is not enabled.

The hub can be seen by my router.
The hub is pingable.
The diagnostic tool is accessible.

The light remains blue.
The hub is not found by the hubitat setup, even if you do an advanced search for the mac address or (static) ip directly.
Attempting a port 80 connection to the hub is refused (firewalls are off, no vpn enabled.)

The diagnostic tool, while accessible, appears to be of no value.
Preforming a platform update or even a time/date reset does not actually apply the change even though it says 'success'

Attempting to preform a reset: soft, hard, reboot etc, is impossible; as the diagnostic tool does not accept the hub mac address as a password, regardless of what format you use.

The hub is probably well out of warranty, but I'm out of ideas other than tossing this.

Try updating the Diagnostic tool first:

Then Download the latest version.


Try updating the Diagnostic Tool, first, as mentioned above, then check the notification in the upper right corner. I sent you a private message.


When I try the update (with my hub ip)

I get the following:

This site can’t be reached

hub ip refused to connect.



You may want to remove the above screenshot as it reveals unique hub details.

That is a problem. It looks like your hub isn't connected to the internet. Correcting the blue light will require the hub to reach the cloud. You may want to troubleshoot any local network issues that are preventing the hub to connect to your network and/or internet.

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